A Graduation Party Cleaning Checklist

Graduation parties bring everyone to your home from your graduates friends, to your family and friends, to little ones tagging along. With all of those people in your home you want your space to look good not just to give a good impression, but also to create a comfortable and inviting space that people want to hang out in. 

Follow this graduation party cleaning checklist to help you prepare for all of the guests going in and out of your home during graduation. 

A Graduation Party Cleaning Checklist


The first place that guests see in your home. This is an important area to have spic and span, make sure to: 

  • Dust lighting fixtures and any furniture 
  • Pick up coats and consider moving them to another space so guests can hang their coats and easily access them 
  • If your family tends to take ofshoes and pile them near the door find a place to tuck them away or line them up neatly 
  • Clean the floors and stick door mats in the laundry if they are able to or give them a good vacuuming 


Living Room 

This will probably be one of the main areas that people will be hanging out in so you will want to give it extra attention. Don’t forget these areas in the living room: 

  • Start from the top of the room and work to the bottom. Dust light fixtures and cobwebs out of corners. 
  • Dust shelves and pictures on the walls.  
  • Clean windows and curtains 
  • Vacuum upholstery including under the cushions 
  • Put away and straighten any clutter 
  • Clean the flooring 
  • Give the space an extra welcoming touch with some air freshener or a candle 



Another classic party hub as nearly every party involves food. Make the kitchen a cheery and welcoming space by focusing on these tasks:  

  • Clean out the fridge and make room for party leftovers 
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts 
  • Have the dishwasher clean and empty, ready to receive party dishes 
  • Pick up clutter from the counters and wipe them down 
  • Scrub out the sink and make sure the disposal is clean and fresh 
  • Have an empty trash ready to go  
  • Sweep and mop the floor 



A place that will surely get use from guests and where cleanliness will be noticed. Make sure to: 

  • Dust light fixtures 
  • Clean the mirrors 
  • Wipe down the shower and tub 
  • Clean counters and sink 
  • Wipe down cabinet doors 
  • Clean the toilet 
  • Empty the wastebasket 
  • Sweep and mop floor 
  • Light a candle or grab a brand new air freshener 



Many graduation parties happen in the yard. If you are hosting an outdoor party you may want to: 

  • Mow the lawn the day before 
  • Clean up flower beds and lightly trim trees or shrubs 
  • Sweep the deck/patio/porch/walkway/driveway 
  • Wipe down outdoor furniture 
  • Consider bug repellent measure like citronella candles or torches 


Preparing for a party can be a lot of work. To lighten the load consider hiring some professional help. You will be surprised at how much a professional upholstery/carpet/hard surface floor cleaning can help to make your home look amazing and ready to receive guests.  

For professional deep cleaning in Lake Stevens and surrounding areas make an appointment with All Kleen 

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