Green Home Sanitizing Alternatives

Bacteria is a pretty boring subject unless you are talking about eliminating harmful bacteria from your home. Everyone wants the cleanest healthiest home environment and there are many products that boast killing germs and bacteria but they are not necessarily made with safe chemicals or good for the environment. Here are some natural cleaning alternatives that will get your home clean without the harsh chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar These two products have been used in home cleaning for centuries. Hydrogen Peroxide is so natural the human body produces it on its own. To clean with these products grab a spray bottle for each, simple white vinegar, and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Fill one bottle with vinegar and the other with hydrogen peroxide. It is best to
keep the hydrogen peroxide in a dark colored spray bottle. Use these to clean hard surfaces like counters and floors by spraying with vinegar and wiping and following up with the peroxide. Do not use vinegar on limestone or marble as it can damage them also use vinegar sparingly on tile grout and be careful with hydrogen peroxide around fabrics it has been it can act as a bleaching agent.

Tea Tree Oil For many hundreds of years the leaves of the tea tree have been used for medicinal reasons. In the 1920’s tea tree oil was discovered to have antimicrobial properties. There are many great uses for tea tree oil in the home one is in the laundry. Put 5 to 10 drops in with your load prior to washing and it should kill bacteria and spores lingering in your clothes.

Carpet Cleaners A simple solution of vinegar and water makes a great spot cleaner. Fill a spray bottle half way with vinegar and half with warm water. Spray the solution directly on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes then rinse with warm soapy water. Make sure to lay a clean dry towel down and weight it to soak up any moisture. For a heavy duty carpet cleaner mix 1/4 each of salt, borax and vinegar and make a paste apply to carpet and let dry then vacuum. For really pesky stains or a super deep clean it is best to call in a professional carpet cleaner that uses green cleaning solutions. A good green cleaner has a heavy-duty truck mounted steam system to get carpets fresh and new.

We all want the best and safest clean possible in our homes. For more cleaning tips check out our home remedies page. Happy Cleaning!.