Most people can agree that cleaning your home is not the funniest of things to do with your time. We could all probably think of something we would rather be doing instead of scrubbing the shower or mopping the floor. None of us want to take the time clean our homes only to find we weren’t truly cleaning. Here are some most common cleaning mistakes that people make that do more harm than good and are pretty gross as well.

Over Loading the DishwasherSome of the Grossest Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Stacking dishes and overloading the utensil basket can block other dishes from being reached by the hot water and soap in your machine leaving them dirty. What’s even worse is if you pre-rinse your dishes you may never notice that the machine never got them clean.

Cleaning Wooden Cutting Boards with Dish Soap

Wood is very porous and cleaning a wooden cutting board with soap alone may not reach all of the germs that have worked their way deep inside, especially if you have been cutting meat. Soak wooden boards in some bleach to ensure disinfection and to prevent cross contamination.

Not Cleaning Most Touched Surfaces Enough

There are several surfaces in your home that get touched by hands frequently such as light switches, faucets, door knobs, handles, remote controls, phones, etc. of course these surfaces are some of the most germ-filled in the home. Ideally, they should be wiped down daily.

Only Cleaning the Pot of the Coffee Maker

Coffee takes a good amount of water to make and we’re there is sitting water there is room for mold growth. Make sure to clean every removable piece of your machine to avoid ingesting unnecessary mold.

Spraying Cleaner/Polish Directly on to Furniture

Applying or spraying cleaners right on the furniture can cause a build up and attract dirt and dust instead of keep surfaces clean. Instead apply cleaner to a cloth and then wipe surfaces.

Storing a Wet Toilet Brush

As referred to in the point about coffee makers, moist surfaces and areas are breeding grounds for mold. Add germs forms cleaning the toilet to this, and you have got a very gross germ cocktail. Instead of placing the brush right back in the holder after scrubbing the toilet, let it rest across the seat to drip dry first.

Wiping Down the Trash Can

If there are funky odors coming from your garbage, there may be something lingering on the walls or bottom of the can. Don’t just pull the liner out and discard the trash. Make sure to wipe down the can on both the inside and outside once a week with a cleaner containing bleach.

Not Letting Tile Cleaner Sit

Let the cleaner you use on tile sit for some time to work at dissolving and softening grime and gunk. The longer you let it sit, the easier scrubbing will be but don’t let it sit too long or you will have another layer of gunk to get through. You should also be calling in a professional tile and grout cleaner to get deep down in that grout and reseal it. Sealing not only protects from staining but helps to make cleaning easier as well.

Not Cleaning Sponges Enough

We have all heard how sponges can end up doing more harm than good and end up spreading germs. Many people clean their sponges, but not enough to prevent germs from spreading. Sponges should be clean every two to three days by soaking in water and placing in the microwave. Sponges are useful for about a month when cleaned properly then should be thrown away.

Not Cleaning Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery sacks have the potential to hold onto food particles and over time those bits of left behind food begin to spoil. Treat these like any other laundry and give em a wash.

Make sure to turn them inside out before placing in the washing machine.

Not Cleaning the Vacuum

Usually, people think of a vacuum as just a cleaning tool and not something in need of cleaning itself. Empty the canister with every use and clean all parts every few months with warm soapy water. A dirty vacuum just pushes dirt around instead of cleaning the carpet.

Neglecting the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals get pretty smelly. Flush the disposal on a regular basis to get rid of any decomposing food hanging out in there. After flushing gets rid of the smell by grinding citrus peels in there.

Never Cleaning the Dishwasher

Over time food and grimy gunk build up in the filter of the dishwasher and the machine can produce a funny smell. Once a month pull the filter and rinse it out. Also, make sure to wipe down the rubber seal lining as mildew can grow in there. Finish off with running a cleaning cycle with no dishes.

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