Guide for a Green Home

Green homes continue to grow in popularity and for good reason, not only do they help to sustain the planet they can lower the home owner’s cost of living. Here are some ways you can take some  steps to turn your home into a healthier , earth friendly, and money saving oasis.

Exterior Changes Guide for a Green Home

Roof- there are many options for green roofing materials some that will even save a home owner on heating and cooling costs. The most Eco- Friendly of roofs is a roof top garden. Maybe you have seen one before many look like grass rooftops and are also known as “green roofs.” Surprisingly the plants act like an insulator and keep the rooms right under the roof cooler and warmer. Unfortunately they are expensive to install and not all HOA’s are in approval of them. Other great eco friendly roofing includes tiles made of recycled material, cool roofs, and metal roofs. Metal roofs can be purchased in recycled materials and can last up to 40 years. When the roof is ready to be replaced you can recycle them.

Solar panels- when they were first introduced solar panels were very expensive, but since they have been on the market for sometime they are surprisingly more affordable and can make a significant impact on your power bill.

Garden- if you like to get out in the yard growing your own food is a great way to keep the grocery bill down and reduce your impact on the environment. Start a compost pile to reduce your waste and boost your garden soil.

Interior Changes

Inside the home there are many small changes you can make to create an impact on your bills and helping the environment. Start with water conservation by using low flow fixtures and taking shorter showers. If you are re-decorating use paint that is low VOC for better air quality and health. Install a programmable thermostat and keep it between 68 and 72. Use surge protectors/power strips that allow you to turn all devices off at once instead of keeping them plugged in and on. There are many green products you can purchase for the inside of your home today, they even make carpets out of recycled materials now.

Green cleaning is another way you can improve the health of your home and the health of the environment. Use cleaners that are green made of natural products or even homemade. Many chemicals in cleaners today just are not safe in large doses for the family to be around.

If you hire a professional cleaning company be sure that they are using green cleaning solutions to clean your home.

There are many ways you can transform your home to be a more energy efficient, healthier, and Eco friendly dwelling to both save you money and help sustain the planet.

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