Habits that Keep Carpet Clean Around the Clock

Carpet can be a great asset in a home when it is cared for properly. When you live a busy lifestyle it can feel as if the carpet needs constant attention. A dirty carpet can make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, embarrassed, or even unknowingly stressed. Have no fear! There are some simple things that you can do on a regular basis to keep your carpet looking its best throughout the day without feeling like your are always cleaning it.Habits that Keep Carpet Clean Around the Clock

Purchase Some Doormats

Most of the dirt on our floors comes in on the bottoms of our shoes from outside. A big way to reduce that dirt and debris is with quality door mats on both sides of every exterior door in your home. Mats on the outside of the door should be the same width as the door and made of a sturdy material able to get into the crevices of shoe treads, almost like a shoe brush. The inside mat should also fit the width of the door but can be more cushy and comfortable in make of materials. Both mats will help to get shoe soles much cleaner before making contact with the floor.

Clean Stains ASAP

The best way to ensure success with removing stains from the carpet is to clean them as soon as they happen or as soon as you see them. The longer a stain sits the harder it becomes to remove. Cleaning stains is like a chemistry experiment; different stains will react differently to each cleaning solvent and the type of material the carpet is made of also plays a roll. So make sure you know the best cleaner for the type of stain and carpet to help aid in stain removal.

Remove Shoes at the Door

To drastically reduce the amount of dirt on your floor remove shoes completely when you get in the door. Be super vigilant in keeping floors clean by wearing socks, house shoes, or slippers to keep the oils from your skin out of the carpet.

Purchase a Quality Vacuum

Vacuuming on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do on your own for your carpet. Since vacuuming is so important why not get a vacuum that performs well and will hold up to regular use for a longer period of time?

Vacuum Correctly

There is a right way to vacuum and many many wrong ways. The first rule of proper vacuuming is to do it on a regular basis. Shoot to vacuum about twice a week and more often for high traffic areas. When you vacuum make sure to push the machine across the floor slowly so it has time to suction out debris. Don’t forget to overlap rows and change directions so you don’t miss a spot.

Professional Annual Deep Cleaning

Over time there are small microscopic particles from several different sources that build up deep in the carpet where even the vacuum can’t reach. Once a year hire a professional carpet cleaner with truck mounted cleaning equipment to get all the deep down dirt you just wont be able to reach.

Follow these easy steps and your carpet will be in beautiful shape and keeping your home looking its best. For more great carpet care tips please browse our website. For the best carpet, tile, and upholstery care make an appointment online with All Kleen.