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Hard Surface Floor Care for Businesses

Hard Surface Floor Care for Businesses

Posted by on May 25, 2018

Ever wonder what keeps the floors so shiny in those big stores and businesses with hard surface flooring? You know the ones where the light just bounces off and reflects back into the room? How is it that their floors are so shiny, sparkly, gleaming? Hard Surface Floor Care for Businesses

They polish/ burnish their floors nightly. While having these intensely shiny floors provides a great look and adds to a professional atmosphere, it is very costly. If you don’t have the floor care budget of giant companies we have some hard surface floor care tips for your office space to keep them looking amazing between professional cleanings and polishings.


  1. Toss the Bucket

Many times when we picture hard-surface floor cleaning in a commercial building we think of a janitor with a traditional mop and a big bucket on wheels. Though it is a strategy that is commonly used, it is not the best method of keeping your floors clean. It actually is just spreading dirt around because you are dipping the mop full of dirt right into the cleaning solution contaminating it and then spreading dirt back onto the floor. A better method to keep the shine on your floors is to use a steam mop or microfiber mop.


  1. Don’t Forget to Rinse

Instinctually we think that more cleaner is better. When cleaning floors the opposite is the best way to go. You want to use a cleaning that is well diluted with water and rinse the floor again with plain water right after cleaning. Leaving cleaning solution on the floor will only draw the dirt to it and leave your floors looking cloudy and dingy giving the opposite desired effect.

It is common for people to use a bucketless mopping method to just leave the cleaning solution on the floor and move on to the next section. Don’t forget that rinsing step it is crucial.


  1. Large Mats on Both Sides of Exterior Doors

The best way to combat dirt dulling and wearing down your floors is to prevent it from ever coming in contact with your floors. Keep large amounts of dirt off of your floors with the use of high-quality walk-off mats. About 80 percent of soil on the bottom of shoes can be contained with the use of a 12 to 15-foot mat placed at every exterior entrance.


  1. Protective Barriers on the Bottom of Furniture

Furniture can really take a toll on any type of floors, but especially hard surface floors. You might have protective feet, covers, or pads applied to the legs/feet and bottom of furniture especially chairs. This will prevent a large number of scratches and scuffs on floors.

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image By Kit Out My Office [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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