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Hardwood Floor Care for Beginners

Hardwood Floor Care for Beginners

Posted by on May 17, 2018

Whether you purchased a new home with hardwoods and never had them in your home before or decided to upgrade to hardwoods from a different type of flooring, you are about to enter a new way of enjoying your home and caring for your floors. If you are used to caring for carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, etc. you will want to learn the care tips below to get comfortable with caring for your hardwoods and keeping them beautiful for generations to come.

Hardwood Floor Care for Beginners

The Basics of Harwood Floor Care

Though many people replace their floors with hardwood or look for homes that already have hardwoods because they are durable and lower maintenance, hardwoods do require a little extra attention than other super low maintenance options like vinyl.

  1. Place protective pads such as felt rounds on all furniture over your hardwoods including chair legs, table legs, couch feet, the bottom of the television cabinet, and basically anything heavy or able to scratch/scrape/gouge the surface of the floor.
  2. Wipe up spills immediately. “No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk”- well you might cry if you leave it too long and your floors show the damage. Hardwoods don’t do well with excessive or prolonged exposure to moisture.  They could warp or buckle or ruin the finish.
  3. If you have pets: keep their claws clipped to avoid scratches and even denting of your floors, purchase food and water dishes with spill resistant stands, place mats under food and water dishes and don’t allow wet mats to sit on the floor too long. Clean up any “accidents” right away.
  4. Use mats at every exit/entrance. Mats significantly reduce the amount of debris carried in on the soles of your shoes. Make sure to keep them clean though or they will make floors worse instead of help. Avoid using rubber, foam backed, or plastic mats because they can discolor your floors.
  5. Know how to clean them
    1. Sweep daily if possible, a dust mop is best it has a soft head that will help to keep dust/dirt/small rocks from scratching the finish and surface of the floor.
    2. Mop regularly with a cleaning solution specifically made for hardwoods, but avoid damp mopping
    3. Call in a professional cleaner for annual deep cleanings
    4. Clean spills and spots immediately

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