Hardwood Floors or the Wood Look Tile?

Wood look tile flooring has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but why would someone choose tile over natural hardwood? Why would someone choose to stick with hardwood over the growing trend of wood look tile?

Here are some things to consider if you are trying to decide upon tile or hardwood for your new floors:Hardwood Floors or the Wood Look Tile?

Hardwood Flooring

PROS-Though many items in the flooring world have been man made to look like hardwood the only thing that truly looks like hardwood is hardwood. If you are wanting the real deal the only way to get it is with actual hardwood. Hardwood is a natural material and as such when taken care of properly will last for years and years and years.

Hardwood provides a softness not found with other hard/smooth surface flooring. It still provides a bit of cushion to it and is a good choice if you plan to spend time on the floor playing with littles or on family game night. There is also more warmth to hardwood floors.

CONS- Hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance. Hardwoods require routine mopping with special cleaning solutions, and over time will require re-sanding and re-finishing. These can get expensive. Hardwood has limited durability and can scratch quite easily in a home with active/busy/hectic lifestyles.

Hardwoods are not ideal for damp climates and are not a good choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, or damp basements.

Tile that Looks like Wood

PROS- Tile is a strong and resilient flooring option. You can lay tile in any room of the home and not worry about it holding up to moisture.  Tile is easy to maintain with properties that repel moisture, stains, and other messes. You can easily clean tile with almost any cleaner. In the case of a damaged tile you can remove just the damaged portion and replace it with new instead of need an entirely new floor or a painstaking labor process to match old wood with new.

You can customize your wood look tile with various plank widths and grain looks. You can also easily lay tile in a herringbone pattern, straight, or in other various patterns that would be much more difficult or expensive when done with hardwood.

CONS-Tile flooring is colder than other flooring choices like hardwood. Tile is great for warm climates, but can be difficult in colder areas unless you have an in floor heating system. Tile can make for loud footsteps unless you have a quality underlayment. If you are hoping for a very close look alike to wood the grout lines may bother you.

Each style of flooring has its benefits and its drawbacks. The best floor for your home ultimately depends upon your home, its location, and your lifestyle.

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