We love how nearly every shelter across the country is completely empty right now. More people have decided to become new pet owners while they have more time at home.  Helpful Pet Cleanup Tips for New Pet Parents

Furry family members add so much to a home from cuteness to cuddles and everything in between. One of those in-betweens is an innocent mess or two especially if they are not yet housebroken. We have put together some useful pet ownership cleaning tips to help you out.   Here are some helpful pet cleanup tips.

Pet Hair  

Nearly every pet sheds, even hypoallergenic breeds shed a little. There are some handy ways you can easily clean up pet hair from surfaces like upholstered furniture, clothes, and carpet.  

Rubber Gloves- the easiest way to get pet hair off of soft surfaces is by creating a little bit of static electricity. We recommend using a rubber cleaning glove. Just slip the glove on and gently and slowly wipe while watching the hair stick to the glove. Make your gloves even more effective with a few lines of hot glue applied to the palm-like grippers.  

Latex Balloon- balloons can also create hair-lifting static electricity just blow it up and run it along the surface where the hair is.  

Squeegees and Rubber Rakes- these are also great and easy ways to create static electricity 

Lint Roller- lint rollers are not for clothing alone, you can also use them to remove pet hair from upholstery and carpets. You can even create your own giant pet hair lint roller by using a paint roller and some duct tape turned sticky side out.  

For Hard Surface Floors- hard surface floors can collect dog hair in corners of rooms and around furniture. To help get those pet hair bunnies under control use a dry microfiber dust mop to grab and trap hair in. Regular sweeping can help, but it can also kick small bits of hair and dander back into the air.  

Smelly Pet Beds 

Over time soft pet beds can take on a funky odor. Get rid of funky-smelling odors by washing the bed once a week separately in the washing machine. Just make sure to use a scent-free detergent and skip the fabric softener.  

Dirty Crates 

Give crates a quick wipe down with hydrogen peroxide. Grab a spray bottle and fill it with equal parts peroxide and water. Spray the crate and let it sit for 10 minutes then scrub and rinse with plain water.  

Crusty Pet Dishes 

Pet food bowls get crusty over time, especially if you use wet/fresh food. Grab a new separate sponge and give the pet dishes a good cleaning once every couple of days. (Every day is best with wet/fresh foods)  

Accidents on Carpet  or Other Soft Surfaces 

As with any spot treatment for carpet stains, make sure to always gently blot and never rub.  

For Pee Accidents: Start out with a dry white cloth/rag or plain white paper towel and soak up as much excess moisture as possible. Continue to blot with a new dry cloth until the pee is no longer lifting from the carpet. Next clean the pee with a 50/50 solvent of white vinegar and warm water making sure to gently blot. Continue blotting with clean areas of cloth until the spot is completely gone. Follow up by soaking any left-over liquid out of the carpet with new dry cloths to get it as dry as possible.  

For Poo Accidents: Try as best as you can to barley touch the solids (just enough of a grab to lift it, don’t pinch hard as this can break the solids and smear them). Lift the solids gently with a straight up motion so you do not smear the poo into the carpet.  

For Lingering Odor: make sure to get as much odor out of the carpet as possible. Lingering odors will signal to your pet this is the place to go potty. After spot treatment sprinkle some baking soda on the area and let it sit overnight then vacuum it up thoroughly.  

If you have a stain that just will not lift out of the carpet, call in a professional carpet cleaner to help.  

For more cleaning tips and tricks please browse our website. For help with tough spot treatments and professional carpet cleaning in Everett and surrounding areas make an appointment online with All Kleen 

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