Helpful Vacuuming Tips

The best way to care for your carpet between routine deep cleanings is to vacuum on a regular basis. Too many vacuuming seems an easy and mindless routine but there is actually a proper way to vacuum to ensure optimal results.

Here are some optimal vacuuming tips.

Start by dusting your rooms. Cleaning a room from top to bottom will eliminate the need to clean the floors over again. Dusting from top to bottom will bring all the debris that has settled on higher surfaces in your home down to the floor so it is best to start from the top and end with cleaning the floors.

Pull chairs out from under desks and stack dining chairs on top of the table so you can get a good clean under tables and other furniture.

If you have a vacuum that uses a bag be sure to check it and make sure it is not overly full. If you have a canister vacuum make sure the canister that collects all debris is empty before each use. Bags should be changed once they are half full. An empty vacuum is a more efficient vacuum and also a vacuum that leaves fewer odors.

Be sure the height is properly adjusted on the vacuum cleaner. This will give you the proper suction and cleaning for the type of flooring you are vacuuming.

Vacuum once weekly changing the direction in which you vacuum each time. The more frequently you vacuum the less time dirt and debris have to build up. Vacuuming should be done in overlapping rows just like lawn mowing to ensure you do not miss a spot. The pullback motion of the vacuum is the most important as the vacuum sucks up more debris in the pulling back of the machine. Push the vacuum forward at a normal pace but then slow it down on the pulling back motion toward you to ensure a good amount has been sucked into the machine.

Your vacuum doesn’t just clean it also needs to be cleaned. Keep up with the recommended maintenance and part replacement in your vacuum manual. Take care of your vacuum and it will take care of your floors.

Help out your carpet and your vacuum by staying consistent with a yearly deep cleaning. Even with regular vacuuming a carpet can hold on to debris way deep down in the fibers where a vacuum cannot reach. It is important to the life and health of your carpet to have itprofessionally deep cleaned at least once a year, more if you have high traffic or pets.

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