Here’s Why Changing Your Vacuum Filter is So Important

We love our vacuums because they make cleaning the carpet, upholstered furniture, rugs, mattresses, and more much easier. Though our vacuum does a lot of cleaning, we often forget to clean them making them less efficient and effective then they could be, and shortening their useful life.  Here's Why Changing Your Vacuum Filter is So Important

Vacuum repairmen get most of their business from bagless vacuums and it’s most of the repairs have to do with owners not properly cleaning the filter in their vacuum. A clogged up filter overworks the vacuum motor and with time this will result in motor burn out. A burned out motor will need to be replaced and this can cost a lot of money.  

It is not surprising that people forget or neglect to clean their vacuum filter. Many times we just don’t think of it and sometimes we just don’t have or want to take the time to do the work needed to clean the filter. Most people take the filter out of their vacuum and tap it inside the trash can to knock the dust off. Unfortunately, this is not the most effective way to clean the filter 

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The best method to use when cleaning the vacuum filter is to take the vacuum to a place in your home you don’t mind getting dirty, we suggest the garage. Grab the shop vac and vacuum the pleats of the filter. Be very gentle with the shop vac nozzle to ensure you don’t damage the special coating on the filter. Don’t forget to clean the pre-filter screens and post-filter screens with the shop vac as well.  

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Some vacuums have washable filters. If you have a vacuum with a washable filter you can use gentle water pressure and the spray nozzle in your kitchen sink or the sprayer on your hose.  

So how often should you be cleaning the filter on your vacuum?  

Even a modestly dirty filter can significantly affect the suction power of your vacuum. Ideally, you should be cleaning your vacuum filter every three months, more often if you have high traffic in your home and use your vacuum often.. If you have a pleated filter that is not washable it will need to be replaced about once a year.  

So to keep your vacuum running at its best capacity and give it a longer life, you want to make sure you are not just emptying the canister full of yuck that is collected every time you vacuum, you also want to give the filter a thorough cleaning periodically.  

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