Why Hiring a Professional Upholstery Cleaner Matters

Your upholstered furniture is one of the most used items in your home. One thing people often don’t realize is that your upholstery needs to be cleaned. Somehow we just don’t think about the wear and tear our furniture goes through on a daily basis. The same stuff that builds up in your carpets builds up in your upholstered furniture and the best way to keep it in the best shape possible is to vacuum it at least weekly and have a professional deep clean it regularly.  Why Hiring a Professional Upholstery Cleaner Matters

So why not just deep clean it yourself? Well there are many different types of fabric that furniture is upholstered in. Yes there is usually a tag on the furniture telling home owners what type of fabric is on the furniture and the best method to care for it, but usually those care instructions include a suggested annual deep cleaning on top of regular care.

Some fabrics are extremely difficult to work with when cleaning like silk or velvet. An untrained person has a high possibility of ruining delicate fabrics. Professional upholstery cleaners know how to treat a wide range of fabrics with different cleaning methods and solutions. This is especially helpful if you have a sofa you did not purchase brand new and has no care instruction label.

The process for a professional upholstery cleaning is pretty standard. First the dry soil will be removed. Some companies may ask the owner to prepare for the cleaning by vacuuming before the cleaner has arrived. Loose particles such as dirt, pet dander, hair, etc. are much harder to remove once they have become wet. Next a cleaning pro will treat any stains that may be on the furniture. The next step involves  breaking down the oils left behind by our skin and any other stubborn substance that may be on the fabric.

Finally  the cleaning pro will use a hot water extraction tool that almost seems like a mini carpet leaner.  Hot water and the correct cleaning agent are injected into the furniture and immediately get sucked back out with the strongest suction possible to give you the best deep cleaning possible.

Not all professional cleaners are going to do a great job on your furniture. You want to make sure you hire an experienced and well trained cleaner. There are many cleaning companies out there pretending to know what they are doing, but will end up damaging your furniture instead of helping it. Make sure you ask plenty of questions and read lots of reviews before hiring anyone and always make sure there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee before you commit to anything.

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