History of the Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most crucial cleaning tools in your home. Proper vacuuming is one of the most important steps to maintaining your carpet and prolonging its longevity. The vacuum is one of the best inventions for modern home cleaning. Let’s take a look into some of the vacuum cleaner’s most interesting historical facts.

Before vacuum cleaners were invented rugs where beaten over railings and window seals to get the dirt and debris out. Some domestic engineers would sprinkle the carpet with tea leaves as an alternative to the labor extensive beatings. The tea leaves where thought to draw dirt and debris to the surface of the rug.

The earliest vacuums did not use electricity of course. One of the first non-electric vacuum cleaners was debuted in Chicago in 1869. It was called a “sweeping machine” known as the whirlwind model. In order to make it work the operator would have to crank it as they pushed the machine along while cleaning. The great Chicago fire nearly destroyed all of these machines leaving only two in existence today.

In 1901 H.C. Booth created a machine with inspiration from a show demonstration of John S. Thurman’s less than effective vacuum device. Booth discovered that what the machine was lacking was suction into a filter that trapped the dirt. He tested his theory by laying a handkerchief on a chair and attempting to suck the dirt out of the seat through the handkerchief. Upon picking up the handkerchief and the seeing dirt retained he discovered his theory to work. This machine was reminiscent of today’s professional truck mounted steam cleaners in that it was a large horse-drawn petrol driven machine parked outside the home that fed hoses through windows or doors to clean the floors by.

The first portable vacuum for household use was created in 1905.

A very popular vacuum model from the year 1913 offered many different attachments specific to different tasks like bare floor cleaning, crevices, walls, upholstery and even a blow dryer for your hair.

On every well-designed Electrolux vacuum cleaner lasted from 1930 until 2008.

Vacuum cleaners were a luxury item only found homes of the wealthy until after World War II.

Today there are many different types of vacuums with advanced technology to make life and cleaning duties easier. Robotic models do all of the cleaning for homeowners with the push of a button.

Thank goodness for the great invention of the vacuum so we no longer need to hold large heavy rugs over banisters and beat the dust out. Two of the most important things you can do for your carpet is to vacuum properly and have a regular professional deep cleaning.

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