Holiday Spot and Stain Removal Quick Tips

The best thing about the holidays is getting together with family and friends. With those gatherings come wear and  tear on your home and of course that mean spots and stains in your carpets. It is an all too common occurrence to say goodbye to everyone and discover a spill or two during post party cleanup.

Here are some reminders of how to deal with spots and stains in your home during the holiday season:

Spot Cleaning Holiday Spills

  1. Take a quick second to visit the website of your carpet manufacturer. They should have some excellent tips on how to care for your specific brand and type of carpeting as they are the ones that made the product. Most of these manufacturing sites will have a list of Hot tips just for your carpeting.
  1. Respond quickly to stains when you find them. If you discover a spot or spill you will want to clean it right when you see it, the longer you leave something lingering on the floor the more chance it has to permanently make residence there.
  1. First before scrubbing remove excess amounts of what has spilled from the flooring. Use a white paper towel to blot up extra moisture from liquid spills or a spoon or blunt knife to gently pull away solid spills. A spoon is also helpful with cleaning up semisolids such as piles of ketchup mustard or gravy sitting on the surface of the carpet.
  1. Try water first. Many spills, especially food spills, can be easily dissolved with a little bit of water as they contain sugar salt or starch. Before applying any cleaner try simply using warm water to dissolve the stain.
  1. If your spot cannot be dissolved by warm water you will then want to find the appropriate cleaning solution to remove the stain from the carpeting. For some tips on specific stain removal consult our home remedies page.
  1. Be sure to clean out all cleaning solution from the carpet. Just because the stain has lifted does not mean everything has been rinsed free from your carpeting. After applying a cleaning solution and the stain has lifted free you will want to rinse the spot with clean warm water to be sure that everything is out of your carpet.
  1. Lastly dry the freshly cleaned but damp area. It is wise to come in with a dry cloth or paper towels and set them over  the now damp  cleaned area. Let the dry cloth sit on top of the  area to soak up any moisture from the fibers as possible you can even weigh down the towel or cloth with a heavy object to help it absorb more liquid.


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