How to Care for a Stair Runner

Some homes, especially older homes, have wood or other hard surface stairs. Some other homes with carpeted stairs are being remodeled to bring back the hard surface stair. You may find that hard surface flooring on the stairs can be quite slippery especially of you have a lot of active kids running through your home. One way to prevent slips and falls on hard surface stairs is with a stair runner, they are also a great way to bring in some color, statement, and style to your home.

Below are some tips to installing and keeping your stair runner in its best shape:

Installation How to Care for a Stair Runner

The quality of how the runner is installed is the first step to keeping your runner beautiful and prolonging its life. Make sure to get a good quality felt and rubber crumble underlay installed by a professional. Make sure the person installing your runner has experience with the particular type of runner you are installing not all materials are equal here.

There are stain fighting treatments that can be applied to runners so check into that and also order extra should you need to replace a small section.


Just as with any carpet a large contributor to wear and tear on your runner is dirt. Dirt causes friction against the fibers and is like sandpaper grinding the strands down. To prevent this from happening you can vacuum on a regular basis.

Spills and Stains

Cleaning up spills on a carpet runner is not much different from spills on carpet. General best practices include; cleaning a spill as soon as it happens or is noticed, blotting and never rubbing, testing new cleaning solutions on unseen areas, never saturating the runner, and getting the spot treatment dried as quickly as possible.

Deep Cleaning

It is important to have any carpet in your home cleaned even rugs. You will want to have an experienced professional carpet cleaner deep clean your runner at least once a year maybe more depending on the foot traffic, type of carpet and if there are allergy sufferers in the home.

With the right care your stare runner will retain its life and beauty for years to come.

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Image by Wicker Paradise