How Often Should I Have my Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

You want your carpet looking it’s best for as long as possible and that means having it professionally cleaned from time to time, but how often should you subject your carpet to chemicals and professional cleaning?

Take in some of these facts when you consider cleaning your carpet:
  • Even carpets that appear clean can still have as much as a pound of dirt per square yard.
  • Some of the most common allergens can hide in your carpet for months.
  • 80% of the dirt in your home gets there on the bottom of people’s feet when they come to the door.
  • As many as 2000 dust mites can live on 1 ounce of carpet dust.
  • The carpet in your home could be seven times dirtier than a city street. [Source]

Now do you think it’s time to get your carpets cleaned? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the just deep cleaning your carpets every six months. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning can get between the fibers of your carpet and will remove dirt, allergens and grime.

It all depends also on the amount of traffic your carpet guests and what type of carpet you have. Children and pets can create and bring in more dirt which can expose them to allergens or other bacteria.

Regular deep cleaning can reduce wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your carpet, allowing your carpet to last longer. Not cleaning your carpet could void warranties on your carpet depending on what type of carpet you purchased. Check with your warranty if you have one to see what the manufacturer requires on keeping your carpets cleaned.

If you live alone or live with another adult, you may be able to go up to one or two years between professional cleaning but with kids, pets or multiple visitors, every six months is about average.

It’s a good idea to vacuum at least once or twice a week, shampoo your carpet about once every 2 to 3 months and use a professional cleaner every 6 to 8 months.

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