How Pet Odors in Carpet Affect Health

One of the largest problems of homeowners with wall to wall carpeting is pet odor. Pet accidents are hard to remove from carpeting and even after they are visibly clean there can still be a lingering odor left behind. Accident or no accident on your carpet animals can leave behind an odor that will build with time just by laying on the carpet which can be not only embarrassing when you have company but it can be affecting your health as well.

The following are some health symptoms that may occur from pet odor building in your carpet:

Simple Irritation

It is not uncommon for some people to experience minor eye, ear, nose, or throat irritation. An example of this irritation would be burning of the eyes or a dry itchy throat. While minor irritation may not lead to more serious illness it can be very annoying and make relaxing in your home not so enjoyable.

The use of harsh chemicals to try and remove these odors can cause further irritation so it is best to find natural or green cleaning solutions. For some great clean solutions for pet accidents check out our page here.


If you already have asthmatic or breathing issues pet odors can make these issues worse.  This irritation can lead some severe asthma suffers to suffer anxiety attacks. Regular deep cleanings will reduce odors and the likelihood of asthma attacks.


Odors themselves do not cause allergies but odors can signify the presence of allergens in your home and carpeting. These allergens are things such as pet dander and proteins found in pet urine both of these cause an unpleasant odor in a household.

Bronchitis or Respiratory Infections

Cat urine contains ammonia. Ammonia is not generally hazardous to humans unless they are exposed to large concentrated amounts of it over time. The exposure to ammonia can lead to health problems like headaches; dizziness, coughing and can even lead to more severe problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

The best way to keep the pet dander and odor in your home to a minimum is frequent vacuuming, spot cleaning as soon as an accident happens and routine professional deep cleanings. A deep cleaning will allow the removal of any pet odors left behind that are sitting deep down in the carpeting where a vacuum or even at home carpet cleaner will be unable to reach.

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