How to Care for Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have become popular among homeowners who want a low-cost alternative to carpeting with the added benefit of versatility in design. Carpet tiles are made in a variety of colors patterns and designs making it easy to customize the look of your floor.

Another reason many people choose carpet tiles instead of traditional wall to wall carpet is the durability and ease of care. Carpet tiles are great for high traffic areas, this is why they can be found in business settings. Treating spills on carpet tiles is a bit easier, some brands allow you to temporarily lift up the dirty tile and wash it out in the sink. Many people are drawn to the aspect of being able to switch out one tile should a spot on the floor be damaged beyond repair instead of having to replace an entire room of carpet.How to Care for Carpet Tiles

Though carpet tiles are more durable and easier to maintain; taking care of carpet tile is a bit different from traditional carpeting. Whether you are considering the purchase of carpet tiles for your home, or already have them in your home the following carpet tile care tips are good to know.

Vacuuming Carpet Tiles

Vacuuming is essential to any carpet care including carpet tiles. Proper regular vacuuming is the best thing you can do for any carpet in your home. Be sure to vacuum carpet tiles regularly, at least once a week and more often depending on foot traffic. Carpet tiles may need more frequent vacuuming than traditional carpet if you are using them as a rug over a  hard surface flooring,  much of the dirt tracked into your home will be drawn to the soft surfaces of the carpet tiles. Again, the key to effective vacuuming is consistency and proper technique. Check out our article on the correct way to vacuum.

General Spot Treatment Tips for Carpet Tiles

  1. First of all, before you do any spot treatment on any carpet tile make sure you know what backing is on the tiles. Some carpet tiles are backed with a substance called bitumen. It allows for a more sturdy tile, a more easily recycled product, and stronger joints. Though bitumen has its benefits it also has drawbacks when it comes to spot treatment. Make sure to carefully approach spot cleaning with all of the standard procedures and the correct cleaners. ONLY use a cleaner made for bitumen backed tiles or you will see brown stains from the bitumen backing coming to the surface of the carpet fibers.
  2. For all spot treatments on all types of carpet tiles, test an unseen area of the floor before cleaning the stain to ensure your cleaning solution is safe.
  3. With carpet tiles you always want to apply your cleaning solution to the cloth you are using not directly to the tiles, unless you have a tile made to wash in the sink, even then you want to apply water to the tile first.
  4. Blot stains do not rub them.
  5. Always treat spots working from the outside and in toward the center.
  6. Always thoroughly rinse spots with fresh clean water after being treated especially if you cleaned with a water-based solvent.
  7. Be sure to get spots as dry as possible after cleaning. Many carpet tile manufacturers suggest using a hair dryer to dry the damp area.
  8. Some tiles will allow for cleaning in the sink. Simply pull up the soiled tile and rinse in water then apply a very small amount of mild hand dishwashing soap to the stain, work in, and rinse clean.

Yearly Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning of tile carpets should always be done by a professional carpet cleaner to ensure there is not too much moisture used in the cleaning process. Carpet tiles should be deep cleaned every 8 to 12 months depending on usage and soil build up.

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  1. charles owens on February 13, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    can fabric carpet tile be cleaned with a professional hot water/steam cleaner just like regular wall to wall carpet? the carpet tiles are laid on a concrete floor with adhesive. should we be concerned about the cleaner pulling up tiles?
    thank you very much!
    Charles Owens