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How to Care for Carpet Tiles

How to Care for Carpet Tiles

Posted by on May 25, 2014

Carpet tiles have become popular among homeowners who want a low cost alternative to carpeting with the added benefit of versatility in design. Carpet tiles are made in a variety of colors patterns and designs making it easy to customize the look of you floor and cover as little or as much floor with carpet as you want. Many people are drawn to the aspect of being able to switch out one tile should a spot on the floor be damaged beyond repair instead of having to replace and entire room of carpet.

Taking care of carpet tile flooring is a bit different from traditional carpeting here are some helpful tips on how to care for carpet tile flooring.

Vacuuming is essential to any carpet care including carpet tiles. Be sure to vacuum carpet tile floors regularly. Carpet tiles may need more frequent vacuuming than traditional carpet if you are using them as a rug over a hardwood, snap together, tile, or other hard surface as much of the dirt tracked into the home will be drawn to the soft surfaces of the carpet tiles. It is recommended that carpet tiles be vacuumed at least two to three times a week more if the area is a high traffic one.

Spot Treatment

Here are some general spot cleaning tips for carpet tiles.

-take care when using solvents and check them on an unseen area first.

-when using cleaning solutions or solvents always apply them to the cloth or sponge you are using to clean with not directly to the carpet

-blot stains do not rub them

-bitumen backed carpet tiles need special attention when using solvents to spot treat

-always treat spots working from the outside and in toward the center

-always thoroughly rinse spots after being treated especially ones cleaned with a water-based solvent

-be sure to get spots as dry as possible after cleaning the use of a hair dryer to dry areas that have been spot cleaned is recommended

-if a tile has a significant size stain it can be removed and washed in the sink and then simple replaced when clean and dry

Deep Cleaning of tile carpets should always be done by a professional to ensure there is not too much moisture used in the cleaning process. Carpet tiles should be deep cleaned every 8 to 12 months depending on usage and soil build up. The best deep cleaning methods for carpet tiles are wet extraction or steam cleaning for nylon and polyester and dry cleaning methods for wool fiber tiles. All Kleen is experienced in many different types of eco friendly carpet cleaning. CallAll Kleen to get your carpet tiles looking fresh and new.

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