How to Care for Shaggy Carpet

Shag rugs bring a feel of luxury, comfort, and coziness to a space. It is very easy to see why so many people are putting them in their homes. Shaggy rugs need a little different approach to care and cleaning in order to keep them luxurious, comfy, and cozy. With deep piles, dirt and debris can get stuck in very deep crevices and it can take a few different cleaning techniques to keep your rug clean. Here are a few ways to care for your shag rug.  How to Care for Shaggy Carpet


Shake it Out 

Before any type of cleaning machine was invented this was the method used to clean out rugs. Take the rug outside and hold it firmly by two corners then shake it vigorously to release dirt and dust from the fibers. Some rugs are too large to just hold and shake. For large rugs that are too large to shake by hand, hang them over a deck railing, fence, or clothesline and whack the rug with a broomstick, bat, or whatever sturdy (and clean) stick you have handy.  



Vacuuming a shag rug takes a little different technique than vacuuming a traditional short pile rug. Long pile fibers will easily get caught in a vacuum’s beater bar and before you know it the rug is permanently damaged. Adjust the height of the vacuum to high and turn off the beater bar. Alternatively, you can use the upholstery attachment and the hose to vacuum by hand. In an effort to reach extra gunk and remove it, turn the rug over and turn the beater bar back on then vacuum the back of the rug to loosen deep down dirt. 


Spot Clean 

The best way to keep spills and spots from permanently staining your rug is to clean them up as soon as possible. If the accident is involving liquid grab a clean plain white cloth or paper towel and press firmly to soak up as much as possible. Apply whatever spot cleaner needed for the particular stain and give it a few minutes to work then gently blot with a new clean rag working from the outside in to the center. Make sure to blot deeply into the fibers.  


Professional Cleaning 

With time your shag rug will have a build-up of gunk in the deepest parts of the fibers. A few times a year you should have your rug professionally cleaned by a pro with plenty of training and the correct industrial equipment. Essentially a rug is a mini piece of carpet and like wall to wall carpet it ideally should have a once or twice a year cleaning.   How to Clean Wool Carpet


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