How to Care for Tile Between Deep Cleanings

The best way to get your tile looking fresh and new is to hire a professional to come and deep clean your tile and grout but what do you do when you tile is looking dingy or stained between cleanings? Here are a few household-cleaning tips to help keep your tile sparkling betweendeep cleanings.

Many of the items effective in tile clean up are common household staples you probably already have in your home.

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Kitchen Tile

For common kitchen grease splatters and stains use club soda or hydrogen and water, simply scrub the stain with the solution the bubbles in the club soda help to break down the grease.

For coffee tea and juice stains use hydrogen peroxide to clean them away. Hydrogen peroxide is also useful in cleaning up nail polish stains and spills.

Bathroom Tile

Vinegar and Ammonia are great for cleaning and disinfecting bathroom tile on floors, countertops and surrounding showers.

Fireplace Tile

For tile around the fireplace that has become black with soot use lemon juice and salt.

(Be careful not to use lemon on marble tile)

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Porcelain Tile

Dark stains on porcelain tile can be cleaned with the use of lighter fluid. Do not use lighter fluid to clean dark stains in areas where food is prepared or served.

Ceramic Tile

Lemon juice works wonders at brightening up dingy or tired looking ceramic tile do not use lemon juice with marble tile as the acid is too harsh for marble.

Scuff Marks

Scuffmarks like those made from the soles of shoes can be removed with the use of a rubber eraser. A small amount of lighter fluid is also effective in removing scuffmarks left behind by shoes.


After a good tile cleaning your grout will probably look less than desirable as grout is porous and needs a little extra attention and tile cleaning can wash extra dirt into the grout lines. There are many ways to effectively get your grout looking new again one of the most effective is a bleach solution. Make sure to open up the windows and keep the area well ventilated.

For tile and grout that will not come clean give All Kleen a call it’s probably time for a professional deep clean to bring your tile back to life..