How to Care for Upholstery  – The furniture in your home sees a lot of usage meetings with friends, movie nights, a comfy place for homework, midday naps of children spouses and pets, and much more. Some furniture may be used more often than others but one thing is certain regular care of the upholstery on your furniture is important.

Routine care and maintenance of your furniture will extend its life and keep it looking new as long as possible. When cared for properly furniture can hold up to the frequent use your family gives it. Consistent care is worth the effort and it doesn’t take much.

Vacuum furniture weekly. Regular vacuuming keeps surface dirt form embedding in the fibers of the furniture. A soft bristle brush can also help to whisk dirt away. Carpet is not the only surface in the home where dirt settles your furniture sees a fair amount as well.

Rotate the cushions. After a good vacuuming it is a great idea to rotate the cushions. Turn them over, put them in a different spot, and fluff them. Fluffing cushions will help them to retain their shape and keep indentations from making a permanent appearance.

Clean up spots and spills as soon as they are seen. If the spot is fresh take a clean towel and blot dry never rub. With many of today’s stain treated fabrics this could be all you need. For more spot cleaning tips check out the directions from the manufacturer that came with the furniture.

Keep furniture from fading. Place furniture in an area out of direct sunlight and only remove covers for laundering when absolutely necessary. Direct sunlight and the washing machine can cause the colors in the fabrics to fade and look worn. If the removable covers are laundered too frequently the covers may end up not matching the rest of the furniture.

Take measures to prevent odors and stains before they happen. A great way to keep pet hair and odor out of furniture is to not allow pets to rest there, grab your furry pal a plush bed just for them.  To prevent spills eat and drink in a specific area instead of on upholstered furniture.

Call a professional to deep clean. Let the pros get your upholstery looking and smelling new again with a deep cleaning process specifically for upholstery.  It is recommended to get your upholstery professionally cleaned every six months to a year..

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