How to Clean and Care for Oriental Rugs

The term Oriental rug refers simply to any rug crafted in Asia. Authentic Oriental rugs are hand knotted and tell a story of the area that they were made in. Oriental rugs are gorgeous and sturdy usually made with quality fibers such as cotton, silk, or wool. These rugs are usually a pricey investment but can last an owner for many generations if cared for properly. Here are some tips on how to care for your beautiful Oriental rug.

 Rug Pads

The use of padding underneath oriental rugs is not mandatory these rugs breath well and will not damage the flooring underneath. There are a few instances where you may benefit from a pad under your oriental rug such as if you have rough flooring like terra-cotta or ceramic tile or certain types of hardwoods, the rug slips moves or doesn’t lay flat, you like the extra cushioning of padding.


Vacuuming regularly is key to maintaining your rug. To remove soil and dirt embedded in the fibers vacuum against the pile and to re fluff the fibers vacuum with the pile. It is recommended that each time you vacuum you do so in both directions starting in the direction of the pile. It is also best to limit vacuuming the fringe especially if you have a vacuum with a brush or beater bar. When the fringe is in need of vacuuming use a suction only attachment.

Back of the Rug

The back of your rug should be vacuumed every six to twelve months. It is best to use an upright vacuum with brush or beater bar for this task. The easiest way to vacuum the back of your rug is to fold it in half and vacuum then unfold and vacuum the front and continue by repeating on the other side.


To prevent uneven wear and tear or your rug it is wise to rotate it every 6 to 12 months. A good way to remember when it’s time to rotate is to do so when you vacuum the back.

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Oriental rugs are coated in natural lanolin. Lanolin oil makes fibers naturally stain resistant and keeps most stains from penetrating the fibers. For serious spills the best measure is to remove excess liquid as soon as possible the best way to do this is with a wet dry vac. If you do not have a wet dry vac use a clean dry cloth to blot from the edge toward the center to prevent the stain from spreading. Once the stain is removed it is crucial to dry the rug as quickly as possible. Place a towel or paper towel under the rug to allow airflow under the rug and use a hair dryer on the cool setting to dry as quickly as possible. For stains that will not lift call a professional cleaner right away.

 Preventative Repairs

If you notice the fringe on your rug coming loose or complexity removed it is advised to take it to a repair specialist right away as it can lead to more costly wear and tear of the actual rug.

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Professional Cleaning

Oriental rugs should be professionally cleaned every two to three years to keep them looking fresh and new and prevent wear and tear. Give All Kleen a call to keep your beautiful Oriental rug looking new.

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