How to Get Pet Hair Out of the Carpet

How to Get Pet Hair Out of the Carpet – In many homes pets are part of the family. Pets are comforting and cute but they can leave a lot of hair behind especially on carpets and furniture. The best way to combat left behind pet hair is regular maintenance of the carpet andupholstery your furry friends snuggle up on.

Vacuum Daily- Many professionals advise to vacuum carpet at least once weekly to maintain the carpets in your home but for high traffic areas and homes with pets a daily vacuuming is recommended. Consider purchasing a high-end vacuum with plenty of suction. There are models out today made for homes with pets. Sometimes vacuuming alone is not enough to get those stubborn hairs that have worked their way deep into the carpet. Read on for more tips.

Rubber- Rubber creates static electricity when rubbed on the fibers of carpet and upholstery. There are a few different techniques and rubber items that can help in removing pet hair.

Rubber Gloves- put on a pair of rubber household cleaning gloves or gardening gloves with rubber fingertips. Simply run your hands along the carpet or upholstery and the dog hair will begin to stick to the gloves in clumps.

Balloon- Blow up a balloon and rub it along the carpet or upholstery. Do you remember that fun science trick as a kid of rubbing a balloon on your hair to make it stand on end? In the same way static electricity will pull the pet hair out of the fibers and on to the balloon.

Rubber Broom or Carpet Rake- These can usually be found at any store that carries cleaning supplies. Rubber rooms are better on low pile carpets. Just like with the balloon and gloves the rubber bristles will draw hair to them with static electricity and you will see clumps that will be easy to pick up and throw away.

Squeegee- Simply running a rubber squeegee along the carpets will also work in getting the hair out. As you run the Squeegee along the carpet you will see clumps of hair lift from the fibers.

Fabric Softener- Liquid fabric softener can be mixed with water and then sprayed on the carpet before vacuuming. The fabric softener releases any static electricity that may be holding the pet hair in the carpet. Be careful not to over mist or saturate the carpet just a fine mist will do. Dryer sheets can also be rubbed on carpet to help release pet hair.

Wet Sponge- A clean damp sponge or sponge mop designated only for the use of pet hair removal is another option. After giving the carpet a thorough vacuuming run the barely damp sponge or sponge mop along the carpet and the hair should come up. If you don’t have a sponge or mop a broom with a damp cloth wrapped around it can be useful as well. The hair seems to like the wet surface and will stick to it.

Keep air moist- A great trick to prevent pet hair from settling and sticking is to keep the air in your home moist. Running a cool mist humidifier can help. The use of humidifiers is also beneficial to keeping your skin moisturized and healthy.

Professional Cleaning– Make sure to get the carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis this will help drastically and the professionals can give tips to keep your home hair free as well.

Pets are great and living with them has proved beneficial but being covered in pet hair is not fun. Many people give up and decide to look past the hair but you don’t have to. With regular grooming of pets and a few easy carpet and upholstery tricks you can love harmoniously with those furry family members..