How to Get Red Wine Stain out of Carpets

One big stain myth that some still believe is that red wine destroys carpet, while its not a great idea to be careless with red wine around your carpet you can relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite red with your sweetheart this valentines day. If you do accidentally knock over that glass here are some tips to help clean it up.

As always make sure to spot treat the stain as soon as possible. Make sure you know your carpet and if it has any special cleaning requirements. Carpets with natural fibers and special dyes need extra care. If you are unsure of the type of carpeting in your home it would be a good time to call a carpet cleaning professional they know carpet and can decipher what type is in your home and give you tips on spot cleaning while doing the work for you.  It is also a good idea to always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area before treating a stain with it for the first time.


Right after the spill happens grab a clean dry cloth and blot up as much of the spill as possible being careful not to rub as that could push the stain further into the carpet. When the cloth is no longer soaking up the stain try these household items to remove the remainder.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda- These two items are a super hero stain-fighting duo. Begin by filling spay bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray it directly on the stain then sprinkle with baking soda. This should dissolve the stain and soak up the particles. Rinse with a clean cloth dampened with warm water. When the area is dry run a vacuum over it to pick up any remaining baking soda.  

Club Soda- Club soda works wonders on cleaning many stains out of carpet. The bubbles in club soda break down stains. Apply the club soda to carpet being careful not to saturate the carpet. Blot with damp cloth until the stain has lifted from the carpet.

White Wine- This one sounds odd at first but it really can be effective. The same method used with the club soda applies here. Apply the white wine to the stain and gently blot with a clean damp cloth.

Vodka- Vodka works the same way as the white wine and club soda. Pour vodka over the wine stain and blot with a clean damp cloth until the stain has completely lifted.

Salt-Simply sprinkle some salt on the stain and give it time to do its natural absorbing thing. Once the salt has absorbed the stain vacuum it up.

If one cleaner does not work allow the carpet to dry a little and try the next method. If the stain does not lift it is time to call in the professionals to do their magic. For more stain fighting tips feel free to visit our home remedy page..