How to get Wax out of the Carpet

Candles are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere or filling a room with ambiance evoking scents but these good feelings can quickly dissipate when hot liquid wax drips or spills to the floor and lands in your carpet. If you find yourself waxing disappointed don’t fret there is a way to remove the wax and bring back those good feelings.

If the wax is still hot give it a few seconds to cool down. Grab a plastic zipper bag and some ice deposit the ice into the bag and sit it on top of the wax to let it harden. Take a dull knife like a butter knife and gently scrape as much wax as possible from the carpet. Follow this step up by vacuuming to ensure all of the wax scrapings have been removed form the carpet

If there is remaining wax in the carpet you will need to grab a clean light colored towel, your household iron, and a brown paper bag. Place a clean dry towel right next to the wax stain not on top of it. Cut one of the larger sides of a brown paper grocery bag and place the very edge on top of the wax stain so it lines up next to the towel. Turn the iron on a low to medium setting without steam. Take the iron and place it on top of the paper bag in the spot where the wax is. Being careful not to let the iron touch the carpet give it a few seconds to melt the wax and lift into the paper bag then slowly drag the bag over toward the towel while gently ironing the remaining stain into the clean piece of bag that is under the iron. Before running out of bag pick up the iron so that it does not touch the carpet. If there is still wax remaining in the carpet grab another piece of paper bag and begin the iron process again

Once the wax has been melted and transferred to the paper bag you will need to spot clean any left behind oils and dyes with rubbing alcohol. Remember to test an unseen spot of carpet before spot cleaning with any solution to be sure it will not cause the dye in your carpet to bleed. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the remaining stain and blot with a clean cloth. When the stain is fully removed rinse with water and lay down a clean cloth weighted down with a heavy object to absorb any moisture. Once the carpet is dry give it a final vacuum to re-fluff the fibers.

For those stains that just wont come out give All Kleen a call.

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