How to Keep a Tidy Home While Working in it

There are still a large number of Americans working from home including here in Washington state where some counties are a little behind others in the re-opening phases. One of the best work environments we can create to help us stay focused and productive (and making a paycheck) is one free from the distractions of unwanted noise and clutter.

Many studies have shown that a dirty home can create stress and distraction. How can somebody take time to clean their home when they have to get their work done on time?

One method to keep housework under control while still getting work done for your paying job is to take short five or ten-minute breaks to get some quick cleaning tasks out of the way. You can take these breaks whenever feels best and least stressful for you to fit them in. We suggest maybe doing them right before you start working, mid-morning, at lunchtime, and in the mid-afternoon. Remember the key is to keep these breaks SHORT. Adding these bursts of physical activity through your workday will also help with your physical health and energy.

Here are Some Ideas of Short Tasks You can Get Done

Start a Load of LaundryHow to Keep a Tidy  Home While Working in it

Working from home is an easy way to stay on top of the piles of laundry that seem to mound up in a typical work from an office busy week. If you do nothing but laundry for all of your breaks you just might get a whole week’s worth done in one day and be ready for folding at the end of the workday.

Load or Unload the Dishwasher

How to Keep a Tidy  Home While Working in it

While you are waiting for your morning cup of coffee or tea you could unload that full dishwasher and have it ready to receive dirty dishes throughout the day so they don’t pile up on the kitchen counter with all of those at-home meals you are now eating.

Give a Fast Tidy Up to One Room

You can tidy a room in just 10 minutes if the room does not look like a hurricane just hit it. If it does, grab a basket and focus on putting everything that belongs in another room in the basket. On your next break you can drop the items from the basket in their correct room and on the next break you can focus on putting things in their proper place. Next, you can do a quick dust and vacuum. If you wish to do a deep cleaning you are now ready to do that in about a half hour to an hour after your work day.

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Wipe Down Kitchen Counters and Sweep the Floor

How to Keep a Tidy  Home While Working in it

The kitchen is in constant use in many homes, especially those with multiple children that are home all day long. Kitchens need frequent cleaning because of all of that use so take a quick minute to hop up from the desk and wipe down those counters and sweep the floors. Just these two tasks can have a huge impact on the kitchen.

Wipe Down the Bathroom

The bathroom is another frequently used room that is also a home for many yucky germs. Take a few minutes to put things on the counter away and wipe it down. If you have extra time give the floor a quick sweep.

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Vacuum a Couch

How to Keep a Tidy  Home While Working in it

This one many people forget is important, but we should be making sure the upholstered furniture in our home is vacuumed at least once a week, especially if we are working from the couch.

There you have it! Some cleaning task ideas to help housecleaning seem less daunting while you are working at home and to help create a peaceful environment to work from.

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