How to Keep your Carpet Clean During the Holidays

There is so much more that we add to our list during the holidays. Many of us find ourselves rushing around to get things done that when bed time rolls around we find ourselves in a dead sleep once our head hits the pillow or lying awake stressing about all the things we need to get done and don’t know how we will find the time for. One thing that can fall by the wayside during our holiday rushing is keeping the house tidy especially the floors. When we think of cleaning the floors we may think it is something that we can push to later because, well we just don’t have the time, but if we were to take just five minutes out of our busy daily schedule to give the carpet some quick TLC we may find it easier to have clean floors during the holiday rush.

Make the time to vacuum your carpets every day and it will be a lot less time consuming. Vacuuming is the number one best thing you can do for your carpets. A quick daily vacuuming will cut down on the time needed to keep your floors fresh and there is just something about a freshly vacuumed floor that makes the whole room seem clean and spruced. Keep your vacuum in an easily accessible place that will enable you to quickly grab it and get to work. If your vacuum is hidden down in the basement behind the furnace you will be less likely to want to do a quick vacuuming every day.

Take a minute to do a daily spot check. Unless you are the only one living in your home it is inevitable that your carpet is going to see spills and soil dragged in making spots on the carpet. Take a quick second to check for spills and stains. The quicker you find spots the faster they will come out of the carpet if treated immediately.

Hire someone to do the cleaning for you. Let the pros come in a deep clean your floors and check that to do of the list for you. Yes you will still have to vacuum but the floors will be fresh and new with no more spots or stains. The pros can also apply stain guard to keep those future spills made by holiday guests from absorbing deep into the carpet.

All Kleen is here to make your holiday season a little less hectic by taking care of your North Seattle and Snohomish County floors..