How to Pull Indentations Out of Carpet

Spring in nature welcomes all things new, flowers and trees are budding, baby animals are being born, and things are coming back to life after the winter thaw. With spring in the air it inspires us to renew and refresh things in our daily lives which is why so many of us tend to do spring cleaning and home spruce up projects this time of year. One task you might find yourself doing is rearranging the furniture. Depending upon how long your furniture has been sitting in the same place it has probably left behind an unsightly dent in the carpet where the legs once stood. Here are a few tricks to hopefully help you bring those dented spots back to life.
Ice Cubes -Grab enough ice to cover the dent and leave on the area for a few hours. When the ice has fully melted use a sponge or towel to soak up excess water. Take a spoon or other similar blunt tool and pull up or fluff the fibers.

Iron- if the cooling method of ice cubes does not work try using the heat of your iron on the steam setting. Put down a cloth to protect the carpet and set the iron to steam. Run the iron over the piece of cloth laid directly over the indention. After giving it a good amount of heat try to pull up the fibers with your spoon.

Damp Towel and Iron- After trying the steam if you still come up unsuccessful try using a clean damp towel and dry iron set on medium heat (no steam). This technique brings the moisture closer to the carpet. Set the damp towel over the dent and iron for 30 seconds to one minute. When finished ironing do not pick up the towel. Leave the damp towel on the dent until the towel dries. When the towel is dry remove it from the carpet and vacuum the fibers. The attachment hose will probably be more useful in this situation to suck the carpet fibers back up to a standing position.

Blow Dryer and Spray Bottle- Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly spritz the dented area of carpet. With the blow dryer on heated air setting not cool begin to dry the carpet while fluffing with your fingers or spoon.

Prevention Techniques- There are higher density firmer piles of carpet made to help prevent pile crushing and denting. Another great but pricey investment is a carpet pad this will help to prevent dents as well. You can also go to a store that sells housewares and find furniture disks to place under the feet of heavy furniture. Another recommendation is to move the furniture more often it doesn’t have to be a big rearrangement just a few inches.

There is a chance you could try all of the above tips and your carpet dents do not lift. A carpet professional may be able to help with steam cleaning. But in some cases there is just nothing you can do. In these cases a rug is great to cover the dents and the furniture can always be put back where it was. For more great carpet care solutions contact us today.

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