How to Remove Fingernail Polish from Carpet

It’s Summer and with that comes a time for skin baring fashion and cute sandals leading ladies everywhere to break out the nail polish and do a fresh mani/pedi. For those of us who love to save some dough and do it our self it does not come without the risk of spills. If you are a regular home nail painter chances are you have accidently bumped that bottle of polish over or dripped some of the bright hues onto the carpeting or surfaces around you. If you do find yourself with nail polish on the carpet don’t fear there are a few things you can do to get it out.

Nail Polish Remover

The purpose of nail polish remover is to remove nail polish from fingernail when you no longer want to wear it so it makes sense to use it for the removal of polish from the carpet. The best remover to use on the carpet is the clear fragrance free kind. Be sure to test a small area of carpet first to know the remover will not harm your carpet. Dip a white cloth in the remover and blot the cloth on the stain do not rub. Keep blotting with a new clean area of cloth dipped in remover until the stain is gone. Follow up with a quick spritz of all-purpose cleaner to remove any residue and blot again with another clean cloth.


Test an unseen area of the carpet to be sure the carpet will not be damaged. Spray hairspray directly on the stain and dab with a clean towel. This should lift the stain from the carpet. Rinse the carpet with water and dry with a clean towel.

Window Cleaner

Test an unseen area of the carpet to be sure there is no damage or color bleeding. Spray the window cleaner on the stain and allow to set in for one minute. Take a clean cloth with a little bit of water and gently blot up the stain follow by laying a dry cloth on the area to remove any moisture.

Goo Gone or Greased Lightening

After testing the carpet, apply the cleaner to the stain a gently scrub the stain. Use a clean cloth to blot the cleaner up if there is some stain left behind repeat the process until the stain is gone. Rinse the cleaner from the carpet with a little water and lay a dry towel on the area to absorb any moisture.

For Dry Polish

If you come across a dry polish stain get an ice cube from the freezer and put on the nail polish to shrink and harden the stain. When the stain is hardened gently scrape what you can from the surface with a blunt object such as a spoon or butter knife. For the remaining stain dip a clean cloth in pure acetone and blot the stain repeating with a clean area until the color has all been removed. When the stain is gone follow with a light spritz of all-purpose carpet cleaner and blot dry.

If you have a polish stain that is stubborn and won’t come out call All Kleen to get your carpet looking new again.

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