How to Remove Green Smoothie From a Carpet

You have just made or went and got the perfectly hued beautiful green smoothie full of nutritious goodness, just for it to be accidentally knocked out of your hand and spilled all over the carpet. What is not so beautiful and nutritious is a green smoothie on the carpet.How to Remove Green Smoothie From a Carpet

So how do you go about removing that now ugly green smoothie from your floor? Read carefully through all of the steps below and then try them out on your floor.

Note: Before you start any stain cleaning measures on your carpet there are some good rules to follow. 1. Never scrub hard at the carpet, it will ruin the fibers 2. Always test products you have never used before on an unseen area of the carpet and if there is an adverse reaction use a different cleaner 3. It is best to use plain white rags/cloths or paper towels for cleaning to avoid color/dye transfer 4. Do not over-wet the carpet you can cause a molding issue 5. The best way to ensure stain-cleaning success is to clean something up as soon as possible after it happens.


Begin by blotting as much of the liquid smoothie up out of the floor with a dry plain white cloth or paper towel until it is no longer being soaked up. Remember to just gently press/blot just enough to soak up the smoothie, DO NOT RUB.


Mix up a cleaning solution of a few drops of hand dishwashing soap and room temperature or barely warm water. If you have distilled water that is best. Grab a new rag and dip it in the soapy water then blot it on the remaining smoothie stain.


Grab a new clean white rag or towel and some white distilled vinegar. Apply a small amount of vinegar to the rag and then blot the spot again. Using new clean areas of the rag to blot with vinegar until the smoothie is no longer lifting from the carpet.

Finish Up

Finish your stain-fighting treatment by rinsing with water. Grab another white cloth or use a sponge to gently blot with plain water and use as a way to rinse the soap and vinegar from the carpet. When this step is done the smoothie should be completely gone from the carpet.

One Last Thing

It is important to make sure you get as much moisture out of the carpet as possible. An easy way to do this is to lay a dry towel or several dry paper towels on the area and weight them down with something heavy for several hours to overnight.

If you are having trouble getting your green smoothie out of your carpet despite your best stain removal efforts please give us a call or go to our contact page to seek help.

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