How to Remove Old Stains on Carpet

Not every stain that happens on our carpeting is witnessed first-hand. There are many spills and accidents that happen in our homes when we are not present especially if you have children or dogs roaming about. Unless you are following the wee littles or furry friends around with a vacuum cleaner and stain fighting kit you will inevitably have spots that were not taken care of right when they happen. So what do you do if you find a stain that looks like it has been around for a while?

While it is best to clean a spill as soon as it happens, there is still hope for removing set in stains on your own. With an easy homemade stain fighting solution you may still be able to get thosestains out of the carpet. Start by mixing a half cup of mild and bleach free dishwashing liquid with one cup of warm water. It is important to use a dishwashing soap without bleach as bleach can strip the color from your carpet. Spray the homemade solvent on the stain and leave it for a few minutes to work on breaking down the stain. Grab a clean white towel and blot the stain until no more of the stain comes out of the carpet. Rinse the remaining solution from the carpet with a wet cloth and then grab another cloth to dry the area. Remember to always blot and never rub in every step so you don’t damage the carpet fibers. If the stain did not come up entirely repeat the process over again.

Another solution to try is one cup of white vinegar and two cups of water. The cleaning process is the same as with the dishwashing solution.

If you find an old red wine stain it may be helpful to try white wine as a cleaning solution.

If you have a stubborn old stain that just won’t let go of your carpet fibers it is time to give All Kleen a call. We have highly trained cleaning professionals ready to help you fight thosestubborn stainsImage by Ben W


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