How to Remove Soda Spills on Carpet

It’s the beginning of the holiday season you may have already hosted that spooky Halloween gathering or are planning to throw the scariest soiree on the block in just a few days. With parties come refreshments, and a popular refreshment at any party is soda. So what do you do if a goblin or ghoul accidently spills the fizzy on your floor? Don’t let an unsightly grape, orange, blue raspberry or classic brown colored cola stain on the carpet leave you howling in despair.

Here is what to do as soon as you spot a soda spill on your carpet. Remember the quicker you treat the stain the better chances you have of removing it.

Grab a paper towel or other clean dry cloth preferably white and blot any excess soda on the carpet. Begin blotting from the outside of the stain working toward the center to prevent spreading the stain to clean areas of the carpet.

Use mild laundry detergent to make a spot cleaning solution. Mix ¼ teaspoon of liquid laundry soap with ½ a cup of water. Pour the solution on the soda stain and blot from the outside in again using a new clean and dry cloth. Using a clean damp cloth rinse/remove the soapy solution from the carpet. Wait for the area to dry. Do ensure the carpet dries thoroughly it is good to place a clean dry towel over the area and weight it with something heavy such as a book.

Once the area is dry re-fluff the carpet fibers by vacuuming the area.

For a stubborn soda stain that just won’t let go of your carpet it is time to call in the trained professionals. All Kleen has technicians skilled in stain removal to help with any of your tough stains. While we are in your home let us freshen your post party space with the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning in the North Seattle and Snohomish County area..