How to Scotchgard Your Carpet

How to Scotchgard Your Carpet – Carpet plays a big role in your home. The carpet in your home is probably the third biggest investment price wise. Carpet can drastically alter the air quality and affect the health of those living in your home. If you are proactive in maintaining your home doing whatever is possible to prolong the life of your carpet and prevent stains is high priority.

When your carpet is manufactured it most likely has been treated with Scotchgard. Scotchgard is a product that forms a barrier between the carpet and dirt and soil that come in contact with it. Scotchgard is a benefit to all carpets especially carpets in homes with pets and children. When liquids are spilled on a carpet treated with Scotch guard instead of soaking into the fibers the liquid will bead up allowing you to absorb the spill much quicker.

Scotchgard does not last forever. It is a good idea to have Scotchgard reapplied by a carpet cleaning professional during routine carpet cleanings. Re-applying the scotchgard will help to prolong the life of your carpet and strength of stain prevention. Some people feel that Scotchgard is just another way for carpet cleaners to make more money off of unsuspecting or gullible clients but the Scotchgard on carpet should be re-applied to ensure that it continues to do its job.

Scotchgard seems like it would be made of harmful chemicals. Back when Scotchgard was first discovered and mass-produced it was. Since it’s initial accidental discovery however Scotchgard has been reformulated and is now environmentally friendly and very safe for the home. Scotchgard has passed reviews by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Scotchgard is not only beneficial for carpets it can protect the life of upholstery as well. In fact Scotchgard is probably the most beneficial when applied to upholstery.

So the next time you have your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned ask about scotchgarding and protect your costly investment from stains while prolonging its life..