How to Select Carpet that can be Easily Maintained

How to Select Carpet that can be Easily Maintained

When choosing the best carpet for your home or even a place of business there is more to think about than how it looks in the space. We can all agree that a carpet that will last longer and stand up to what we need it to do is at the top of the list of importance. Also at the top of that list is the ability to easily care for it so you can make the best investment possible.

With so many new innovations in carpet products there are some great choices that are durable and easy to maintain that also look good and will have you falling in love with your new floors. Here are some things to look for when you are shopping for a carpet that is both durable and low maintenance while being pretty.

Height of Fibers

One of the best determining factors of low-maintenance carpets is the length of the carpet fibers. What length you should choose is highly dependent on the foot traffic in the room and the use of the room in general. Carpets with differing fiber heights or lengths are going to require more attention to maintenance where as a single length or height in the fibers is going to be much easier to maintain. It is less likely to stain and has less nooks and crannies for dirt to hide.


Just like our clothing, the actual material that the carpet is made out of is going to play a big role in its maintenance and care requirements. Carpets are made of all kinds of different things from animal hair, to natural fibers, to recycled materials. Synthetic fibers are more resistant to staining and crushing and are easier to clean than natural materials such as wool or cotton.


Density also plays a role in carpet maintenance. All carpet is made up of a flat sheet on the bottom called the backing or mat and the fibers are woven through that backing. The more fibers there are packed into every square inch of backing, the more durable it is. Unfortunately, a super dense carpet, can be difficult to clean. So look for a medium-density carpet to check off both decently durable and easier to maintain.

How Regular Professional Cleaning Can Help with Maintenance and Longevity

In addition to choosing the right carpet, make sure that you are caring for it well by staying on top of proper vacuuming and yearly professional cleanings. Professional cleaning gets the deep-down dirt that your vacuum can’t reach and when the carpet gets completely deeply clean this extends the life of it. Another great idea is to have a carpet cleaner apply stain guard to help be a defense against spots and aid in successful spot treatment clean-up.

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