Iron Out Stubborn Carpet Stains

Life is busy and inevitably we don’t always see a stain as it happens on the carpet. If you have small ones in the house there is a likely chance something has spilled outside of your supervision. For stains that have set in or are just plain stubborn and refuse to come put try plugging in the household iron.

The iron acts as a mini super powerful steam cleaner. More effective than at removing stains than those steam machines you can rent or buy yourself in the store. An iron is a great way to remove stains to save you from blotting and re-blotting. Here’s how:

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–   First grab your iron, an old clean towel, and a spray bottle.

–  In the spray bottle mix a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water.

Or a solution of equal parts water and ammonia or Windex.

Or a solution of 1tsp borax, tsp. washing soda, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of hot water                            25-30 drops of an essential oil if you like.

–    Once you have your solution mixed up spray it generously on the stain and give it a few minutes to set in.

–    When the solution has had enough time to set in and work on the stain take your old light colored towel and lay it over the stain. It is recommended that you use an old towel because the stain will essentially transfer from carpet to towel. A light color is best so you can easily see that the stain has lifted to the towel.

–    Now that the towel is over the stain use your iron set on the cotton setting and iron the spot for ten seconds this will create a hissing sound and steam will rise from the carpet and towel. After ten seconds lift the iron and then reapply for ten more seconds.

–    The first ironing attempt may not lift the stain completely if it doesn’t reposition the towel to a clean dry spot and iron again.

–    It could take several times before the stain will lift but it should. If it doesn’t it is time to call in the professionals for some help.

Note: be extra careful not to let the hot iron touch the carpet fibers it will melt them. The iron should only be applied directly on top of the towel. For more carpet cleaning techniques check out our home remedy page. If you have a stain that seams helpless give All Kleen a call..