Is Carpet Cleaning Safe?

Freshly cleaned carpet sets a tone for the entire home of a nice inviting and relaxing atmosphere. The smell of a freshly cleaned carpet can bring a smile to many home owners’ faces. Knowing your home is clean is a nice thing. You spend so much time on your carpet playing with kids, watching a movie if the couch is full, wrestling, playing with pets, etc., that making sure it is at its cleanest is important. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to get your carpets as clean as they possibly can be, but is your professional carpet cleaner using potential harmful chemicals on your floors rendering them unsafe?

There are a number of professional cleaners that use harmful chemicals to clean carpets in homes. These chemicals can leave behind toxic fumes and residues that your pets, you and your children can come into contact with. Some ingredients in the cleaners that these professionals use are so harmful the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns of possible damage to liver and kidneys. Perchloroetheylene is a hazardous chemical recognized by the CDC to have this potential and is known to cause nausea and dizziness. Another harmful ingredient Naphthalene is made from coal and tar and considered dangerous to the central nervous system. These chemicals are not wise to be around for large amounts of time and they are not friendly for the environment either.

We can breathe easy knowing that there are good responsible highly trained professional cleaners that use green products. These companies use products that have been researched and approved by OSHA to ensure home owners that the cleaning solutions on their floors coming in contact with what is most precious to them, their family, are nontoxic.

Be careful when hiring a cleaning company for your home. Make sure that you are hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company that can tell you exactly what is in the products they use to clean your floors. Some companies claim to be “green” only to bring in more business. If the company will not fully and openly disclose their cleaning method and what solutions they use with material data sheets at request then you need to hire someone else.

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