We all have accidents and spill things on the carpet. There is rarely a home that has never seen an accidental spill and needed some spot cleaning. There are many great things in your home you can use to get those spills and stains but there are also some things in your home that should never be used on your carpet because they WILL cause damage to your floors.


Bleach can work wonders on your whites and even in your bathroom but it should never touch your carpets. Bleach strips color out of items it comes in contact with. Bleach will pull the color right out of your carpeting and break down the fibers while it removes the color.

Abrasive Brushes and Cleaners

Carpet can hold up to a lot of wear and tear but scrubbing carpet is not a good idea it will fray the fibers. It is tempting when something is spills to use your instincts and grab a towel or brush and some cleaner and scrub that stain until it comes out. You might get the stain out of the carpet but you will not like what you end up with. The fibers in your flooring will be broken down and worse for the wear.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent is not like hand dish washing liquid. While many carpet cleaning solutions use liquid dish soap such as Dawn, laundry detergent should be avoided on carpeting. Laundry detergent will create a high sudsing soapy mess that will be extremely difficult to rinse away.

Dirty or Soiled Towels

It is important to spot clean using clean light colored cloths not something you grabbed out of the bathroom laundry bin. A dirty cloth can transfer the dirt from the cloth into the carpet. A dark colored cloth could bleed dye into the carpet leaving you with and even bigger mess.

If you need advice on how to care for a spill consult our home remedies page. If you have a spill that just won’t come out All Kleen is here to help..

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