How to Keep Dark Hardwood Floors Clean

Dark hardwood floors are beautiful especially in a home with light and bright walls and décor. It is no wonder why so many people want them in their homes. One downside to having beautiful dark hardwoods, is they tend to show dirt and scratches more easily and many people with dark hardwoods have asked: “how do I keep my dark hardwood floors looking clean?”  

While darker floors may take a little more effort to maintain the appearance, they don’t have to be hard or overly demanding. Follow these cleaning tips to keep your dark hardwood floors looking their best. How to Keep Dark Hardwood Floors Clean

Remove Shoes at the Door 

This, of course, is a great tip for any and all floor maintenance. The majority of dirt on your floors is brought in by the soles of your shoes. You can drastically reduce the amount of dirt on your floors with a no-shoe policy in your home.  

Always Wear Socks or House Shoes 

While you should keep your outside shoes off of your feet when you are inside, it is a good idea to wear a pair of shoes or slippers designated just for indoor use. Many people don’t think of bare feet as a source of dirt on the floor, but the natural oils in your skin can leave footprints and are especially visible on a dark hardwood floor. Socks are great for preventing footprints as well, we especially love slipper socks.  

Get the Right Tools 

It’s hard to maintain something if you don’t have the proper tools to care for it. You may be able to get by for a while with something that is just good enough, but if you want the best results and best care for your floors you need the best tools. Consider investing in these items to give your dark hardwoods the best routine cleaning:  

  • Vacuum Cleaner: with the growing popularity of hardwood floors in the past few years, vacuum companies have begun to make more machines that are geared specifically for cleaning hardwood floors. Vacuums made for hardwoods are built with more suction to get between floorboards. They also do not have a  spinning brush head and have rubber padding on wheels to prevent scratching the floors.  
  •  Dry Dust Mop: A great tool for a daily quick clean to keep that highly visible dust at a minimum. Get in the habit of doing a quick nightly clean with a high quality dust mop to avoid a pile up between weekly vacuuming on your dark floor.  
  • Cleaner Made Just for Hardwoods: don’t use just any floor cleaner on your hardwoods, make sure it is one specifically formulated for cleaning hardwoods as some cleaners can be too harsh for hardwood 

Don’t Forget Professional Cleaning 

Yes, even hardwood floors need a professional deep cleaning at least once a year. A deep cleaning will get the most stubborn dirt and any dirt deep between the floorboards. Over time dirt that is not caught with at-home cleaning will build up and need to be cleaned with professional equipment.  

Do you need professional hardwood cleaning in Woodinville or a surrounding area? Make an appointment with All Kleen. 

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