It is not too far into the new year and no doubt you are plugging away at those New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions many people make is to keep their home cleaner and more organized. Unless you have a small army of woodland creatures helping you clean like a Disney princess you may be starting to struggle with keeping on top of your cleaning resolutions. Have no fear we can help you keep going strong on your house cleaning goals for this year with our tips to bring some fun into your cleaning routine.

Keep Resolutions by making cleaning fun

  1. Talk to a friend on the phone.

Maybe one of your other New Year’s resolutions was to make time for meaningful friendships. You can accomplish two goals at once by having a conversation with a friend over the phone while doing your chores. Use speakerphone and do a light cleaning like dusting, putting things back in their place, or sweeping. Your cleaning tasks will fly by while you enjoy a conversation with your friend and accomplish two of your new goals.


  1. Use commercial breaks during television shows.

You will be surprised how much you can accomplish during the commercial time of your favorite television show. Those short breaks actually add up to quite a bit of time and allow for you to accomplish cleaning tasks with a break of watching your favorite show in between.


  1. Think of cleaning as exercise.

Being active burns more calories than sitting activities. This can also help you knock out two resolutions at once. Think of cleaning as a way to help you stay in shape. Vigorous chores like mopping, Vacuuming stairs, scrubbing showers and tile grout, and other labor heavy jobs can help you burn a good amount of calories in a day. Add a dance routine to your mopping and burn even more calories.


  1. Put on some feel-good music.

What better way to keep your mood light and positive than  to have your favorite songs playing in the background. This is also a way you can control the amount  of time you spend on cleaning so it doesn’t take over your whole day. Tell yourself you will clean through your three favorite songs it’s a great way to keep your time limited and efficient and get your task completed.


  1. Use your favorite cleaners.

We all have our favorite products that make the house feel so fresh and inviting and put us in a great mood. Some of these cleaners may include something that smells really good and lift your mood and/or something that is environmentally friendly and makes you feel like you are doing something good for you family.


  1. Treat yourself to a professional cleaning.

What better way to start off the new year than  to have your home cleaned deeply and thoroughly? The best way to get your home it’s deepest clean is to have the professionals come in especially carpet cleaning, tile and stone  cleaning and sealing, and upholstery cleaning. And what is even better than having your home it’s deepest clean is that you won’t have to do all  the heavy labor.


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