During the holiday season, your home will probably receive more guests than usual. This could be because you are hosting a big meal or party, or because someone just dropped by to bring you some holiday cheer. Maybe you will be housing overnight guests for a few days. Whatever the reason, when you have guests in your home you want it to be its cleanest clean so that your company is comfortable.  Keeping Your Carpets Looking Guest-Ready for the Holidays

Here are some things you can do to keep your carpets in top shape and ready to receive guests no matter when or why (or for how long) they come over.  


Daily Tricks and Tips 

The biggest culprit of dirty floors is soil brought in from outside on the soles of shoes. The best way to keep a large amount of soil off of your carpet every day is to remove shoes at the door. Be super diligent and try to always wear socks as well. Walking around barefoot distributes the natural oils from the skin on your feet into the carpet and attracts dirt.  

If you have time consider vacuuming your carpet every day, during times of high traffic. More feet crossing your floors means more dirt. For maximum vacuum effectiveness, make sure the canister is completely empty or if you have a bag it is no more than half full. A vacuum that is full of debris before you start will not give ultimate suction. Proper vacuuming technique also gives optimal results. Many people make the mistake of vacuuming too quickly and not vacuuming in rows, this leads to not as much debris being sucked up as could be and missed spots.  


Professional Deep Cleaning 

The best way to get carpets their cleanest clean and to help keep them looking great through the holiday season is to have a professional deep cleaner come in. Ideally, your floor should have a professional deep cleaning at least once a year and up to four times a year for very high traffic areas or homes with severe allergy suffers or people with respiratory illness. If you have not had a professional deep cleaning in a while you may be surprised at how much cleaner your floors are after. Having a stain guard applied is a good idea during the holiday season as well.  

The best cleaning company to hire is one that uses hot water extraction with truck mounted equipment and includes a satisfaction guarantee in writing.  


Stains and Spills 

It is not uncommon for the average household to have a couple of spills during the holiday season. The best way to prevent stains from becoming permanent is to treat them right away. Have a spot treatment kit on hand and ready to go to treat stains and spills including white cloths or paper towels, mild hand dish soap, a spray bottle, white vinegar, and white wine. These items can help you treat many different spills. The white wine? It’s to treat red wine spills, and maybe to reward yourself for a spot treatment well done.  

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