Your furniture is one of the hardest working fixtures in your home. Your couch or even a favorite chair is the spot where you go to relax and unwind, be it an after work decompression or a midday break. The ability to relax in these places can be hindered by dirty or smelly upholstery. Here are some ways to take care of your upholstered furniture and keep it looking fresh and new.

Regular Professional CleaningKey Ways to Keep Upholstery Looking New

This is the most important thing you can do for your upholstered furniture. Many times we don’t think of cleaning our furniture at all but just like your carpets your upholstered furniture collects dust and debris. The best way to get the deep down dirt that the vacuum just cant reach is with a professional cleaning. All Kleen has trained professionals with know how to care for the material on your furniture and can apply stain guard to keep spills and stains from setting in.


Vacuuming is crucial to maintaining your upholstery between cleanings. Proper vacuuming pulls the dirt from the surface of your fabric. This should be done once a month to once a week depending on the frequency of use. Don’t just vacuum the surface be sure to pull out those cushions and get underneath and in the cracks where crumbs and bigger debris like to sink to. The crevice attachment for your vacuum hose is perfect for cleaning the hard to reach places in your furniture and the brush attachment is great for re-fluffing fibers.

Clean Spots Right Away

If you should spill or drop something on the furniture don’t leave it until its more convenient clean it up as soon as you notice it has happened. The faster you treat a stain the more chance you have of removing it. Make sure to check the manufacturer tag usually found under a cushion for cleaning instructions on what solvents are best for your furniture. If there is no instructions or they have worn away test any new solvent in an unseen area. Remember to blot blot blot never rub when cleaning a spill.

All Kleen can get your upholstery in its best shape possible. Make an appointment online right now or call its so easy!

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