Know What is Applied to Your Carpet – Avoid Being Scammed

Unfortunately, not every carpet cleaner is trustworthy and reputable. Some carpet cleaners are not what they advertise to be. They disguise poor service under low prices and dishonest advertising. One way to make sure you are hiring a trustworthy company with great prices is to do your research on their services and the products and equipment they use on your floors.Know What is Applied to Your Carpet - Avoid Being Scammed

Some companies will claim to come into your home and get your carpets looking like brand new again. They then come in to clean with subpar rental type machines and cleaners that are cheap or not even cleaners at all. Other companies can look all put together and do a decent job of cleaning your floors and try to sell extra services like applying stain guard which is really nothing more than water.

Before you allow a company to come into your home and clean your carpets then offer to apply a stain guard to help with spot cleaning during the year, ask them about the products they use. Ask to see product information sheets. A trustworthy company will have employees and cleaning technicians that know what is being applied to the carpet from brand to ingredients. They will be open about their cleaning process and every product that is used on your floors.

If you hire a cleaner and they are very eager to apply stain guard to your floors when you have not asked for the service this should be a red flag. True professional carpet cleaners in WA are focused on cleaning floors and customer satisfaction. They may suggest a service for your carpet after they learn your goals and expectations for having your floors cleaned, but they will not push extra services on you.

All Kleen has low prices and open and honest communication about all of our services and products. We even have our product safety information posted right here on our website. Customer service and satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We want to make sure you are aware of every green and safe product we use and answer any of your questions on our methods, training, process, etc. We are here to get your carpets clean and do it better than you expected. We strive to provide the best carpet service at the best price to hopefully build a lasting professional relationship.

For more information on the cleaning services, equipment, products, training process, employees, etc. at All Kleen please browse our website or give us a call. You can also easily make an appointment with us online.