How Do I Know it’s Time for a Carpet Cleaning?

Regular professional carpet cleaning is vital to the life of your floors and to keeping them in top shape. Below we have listed a few signs that may mean you need to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Allergies are on High AlertHow Do I Know it's Time for a Carpet Cleaning?

Dirty carpets can be allergen magnets. There are many different things that can get trapped in carpets only to be kicked into the air when someone walks across the floor and then into the respiratory system of anyone living in the home. These can be items such as dust mite droppings, pet dander, pollen, and more. Some of them can get stuck deep down in the carpet beyond where vacuums can reach needing the use of a high powered professional cleaning system.


A smelly carpet is a sure sign of a dirty carpet. Be careful of musty smells because it can mean moisture in the carpet that has led to mildew or mold.

Carpet Looks Dingy

This of course is the most obvious of signs that your floor needs a cleaning. Even if you vacuum regularly, but don’t have your carpet deep cleaned, your floors will begin to get dingy. Maybe you have a stain or spill that just won’t come clean despite all your efforts, call in a professional carpet cleaner they might be able to get it out.

Household Members with Asthma or Other Illness

This is very similar to the allergy point. If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma, respiratory illness, or a more serious illness keeping things as clean as possible is critical. The carpet in your home acts like an air filter and when the filter is clogged those particles that irritate illness remain in the air and cause more symptoms of illness.

You Have Pets

Pets are great members of the family. They cheer us up, keep us active, and are even proven to help improve our quality of life and prolong human life. A normal part of pet ownership is pet dander and cleaning up after pets. With time dander can work it’s way deep into the carpet. A professional cleaning will get the dander out as well as pet accidents, and odor.

Matted Carpet

With time high traffic areas can become dingy and even matted down. This is known in the carpet cleaning world as traffic lane gray. Many times traffic lane gray can be remedied with a good cleaning and an area rug.

If you notice any of these signs in your carpet or it has just been a long time since your last professional carpet cleaning All Kleen can help. We have a team of trained technicians dedicated to customer satisfaction. Make an appointment online today.