Ever wish your home could be clean all the time? Hate to take hours on end to get the cleaning done when you would rather everything be tidy on a regular basis? Do you prefer to do your cleaning in small and quick sessions instead of taking half the day? Does it seem sometimes like this is unattainable in your home because things just keep stacking up?  Little Habits that Make Everyday Cleaning Faster

There are some simple things that you can start putting into your daily routine to stay on top of things and keep your home clean and tidy on a daily basis so that those large allday tasks become more of a rarity. Read on to discover some small daily habits you can start for a cleaner home.  


  • Clean the Dishes as You Cook 

Leaving the dishes for after your meal is eaten or even for the end of the day may end up in you leaving them until they pile up so high that they are taking over the kitchen and are harder to scrub at that. Don’t allow them to pile up, stay ahead of the game by washing dishes while you cook. Instead of grabbing the phone while you are waiting for something in the oven or to come to a boil, stick the dishes in the machine or give them a quick scrub in the sink. Do it a few times and it will become an easy habit you don’t even think about.  


  • Wipe Down Kitchen Counters Every Night 

When you are tired the last thing you want to do is clean, but stretching yourself to take just two more minutes to wipe down the kitchen before bed will be well worth the effort. Not only will the kitchen be free of yuck on the counters, it is now clutter free and ready to greet you for coffee and breakfast in the morning. What a great way to start the day.  


  • Clean Your Shower While Cleaning Yourself 

One of the most time consuming jobs that requires more elbow grease the longer you go between cleanings is the shower. Take a significant amount of time off of your shower deep cleanings by taking an extra minute when you are done showering to spritz the walls with an after shower cleaner and then using a squeegee to wipe away water and soap from the walls. Soap scum won’t have a chance to build-up with a daily wipe down. 


  • Use Garbage Day to Clean the Fridge 

Let taking the garbage out in preparation of curb pick up remind you to go through the fridge real quick and get rid of anything that has been hanging out in there too long. Getting rid of things on a regular basis will prevent things that have been spoiled for a while turning into a nasty liquified state and making an even bigger mess.  


  • Do The Full Load of Laundry 

Laundry is very time consuming, especially when we wait to do multiple loads till the same day. If you already have a washoneloadaday policy make sure you take the time to fully finish the load by folding and putting away the load in the same day. You may find that you don’t mind doing laundry at all when it is this quick and easy.  


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