A Little About Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a great option for flooring in the home. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is stronger, harder, fireproof and more water resistant than other flooring options making it a smart choice for high traffic areas such as the kitchen and main living spaces. There are thousands of options when choosing porcelain tile leaving home owners with many stylish ways to finish off a room.A little about porcelain tile

When properly installed and maintained porcelain tile can last for decades in the home. Here are some care tips for porcelain tile.

As often as twice a week sweep your tile with a soft bristle broom and follow by vacuuming with the brush attachment paying attention to grout lines.

How you mop and spot clean your tile will depend on the finish. Porcelain tile comes in three different finishes unpolished/unglazed, polish/glazed, and textured.

Unpolished/ Unglazed Tile

-start with vacuuming/sweeping to remove as much loose dirt as possible.

-working in one two to four square foot section at a time use a vinegar solution to mop the floor. You can make your own vinegar solution by mixing a ¼ cup of white vinegar with two gallons of warm water.

-leave the solution on the tile for about five to ten minutes but do not let it dry

– use a soft bristle brush to scrub any stains

– after time is up wipe away the vinegar solution and rinse the floor with clean hot water

-finish by drying the floor with al microfiber cloth or clean towel

Polished or Glazed Tile

-sweep or vacuum loose dirt and follow with a dust mop

-use a mop dampened in hot water to clean the floors, with this finish you never want to allow water to pool on the tile

– loosen heavy soil with a soft nylon bristle brush or old toothbrush

– mop the floor with a vinegar solution like above and rinse with hot water before the solution dries

-dry the surface with a towel or microfiber cloth rubbing out any water spots

-after the floor is dry buff/polish it to a high shine with cheesecloth

-if you have stains on your glazed tile you can clean them with a vinegar and water mixture or commercial cleaner diluted to half strength

Textured Tile

-start by sweeping away loose dirt with a soft bristle broom first in the direction of the tile then on a diagonal

-follow with the vacuum to remove every last bit of loose dirt

– saturate the tile with the vinegar solution shown above and allow it to soak for five to ten minutes

– scrub tile with a soft bristle brush using the two direction method you did when sweeping

– rinse in hot water to remove any cleaning solution

– go over the floor again with a clean damp mop then dry with a clean towel or microfiber cloth

Though porcelain tile is very durable there are some cleaning products you do not want to use on your tile those are ammonia, bleach, oil based detergents, wax cleaners, steel wool, and hard bristle brushes. On unglazed tile never use a cleaner that has any color or dye.

About once a year you will want to get your tile professionally cleaned and have the grout lines sealed to keep it at its very best. All Kleen can care for your porcelain tile to keep it top condition for years to come.