How Long do Granite Countertops Last?

Granite is a strong and beautiful natural material that has grown in popularity for use as a kitchen countertop. Granite doesn’t just add an upscale or luxury appearance to a home, it is also a very strong and durable material.How Long do Granite Countertops Last?

When deciding to upgrade or install a countertop in a new home, many people wonder just how long a granite countertop will last. The answer is: a granite counter can last forever with the proper care.

Granite is a natural stone and the slabs of granite that have been cut to use for home interiors are already thousands of years old. The stone can last for many many many years to come with the right care. Granite is incredibly strong as well as scratch and stain resistant. Granite holds up to heat you can place items up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit on it without damaging it. If you were to cut food on your granite countertop it would hold up and probably damage your knife. Granite will crack under extreme pressure such as with a sledge hammer, but it is very hard to crack it under normal everyday use.

It is very important to seal your granite. The first sealing is the most important. Granite is naturally porous and without sealant it can stain easily. Though stained granite will be useful it will be unsightly. After your first sealing you are ready to enjoy your countertops for up to a year. Over time sealant wears down. Granite should be re-sealed yearly by a professional cleaner and sealer.

Even though your granite is sealed it is important to wipe up spills right away and not let them sit. Sealer is a protective barrier that allows you a little more time to get to spills to prevent staining but it does not make your granite stain proof.

To clean up a spill a clean soft cloth with hot water is best. You want to get to a stain as soon as you see it. Granite is porous so it will quickly absorb a spill when left for more than a few minutes. For daily cleaning/sanitizing of your surfaces to keep them germ free, you will want to use a cleaner made specifically for granite countertops. Avoid using dish soap on granite as it will dull the surface over time. You also want to avoid acidic cleaners such as solutions with citrus or vinegar.

With the proper care, your beautiful granite counter tops will last for generations to come.

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