During the holidays many people take to the open road in hopes of celebrations with loved ones. A long car ride can leave the family vehicle in a state of disrepair when you arrive at your destination or back home. Here are some ways to care for the carpet in your car to keep it in top shape.Long Holiday Road Trip - How to Care for Your Car's Carpet

Expect that spills are going to happen especially if you are traveling with small children. The best way to keep the carpet in your car clean after a spill is to have items on hand to spot treat the spill as soon as you can. Have a stash of paper towels or clean white cloths/rags handy to soak up spills right when they happen. Mix up a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle to help spot treat and deodorize spills.

Glass cleaner is great for car carpets too. After trying the vinegar and water solution, if the stain is not working its way out of the carpet use glass cleaner. It is best of course to try and remove stains while they are still fresh. Glass cleaner is a good item for car carpet because it does not produce a large amount of suds. Spray a generous amount of glass cleaner on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes then blot with paper towels or cloth/rag. This is a great remedy for coffee spills.

Here is a list of specific spot treatments for tougher stains in car carpet:

Greasy Stains- apply paint thinner to a paper towel or cloth/rag and dab onto greasy stain after spot treating with items above. Then cover the stain with salt and leave for several hours, when the area is dry, vacuum up the salt.

Blood- use a paste of laundry starch and cold water and let it dry. Vacuum up the dry residue and you should find the blood gone.

Ink Stains- use hairspray and salt. Apply hairspray to the ink and then salt let the salt sit until the stain is absorbed into the salt,

Smelly Carpet- generously sprinkle 20 mule Team Borax and let it sit for about an hour then vacuum away the odor.

To keep your car carpets looking fresh and new all year long make sure to vacuum them regularly the same way you would the carpets in your home.

To help boost the stain fighting power in your carpet have it professionally cleaned and stain guarded.

The team at All Kleen Carpet Cleaning not only tackles carpet and upholstery in your home, we can clean the interior of your car as well. Getting your car deep down clean and stain guarded is a great idea before or after a long holiday car trip, it also makes a great Christmas gift. Make an appointment online.

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