How to Make Your Own Cleaning Tools

Cleaning your home is one of those “have to” things that needs to be done routinely.( Well you could not clean your home but over time it would cause big issues.)Because home cleaning requires routine and frequent work we are constantly buying or making cleaning products and purchasing new tools to get the job don. Here are some ways to save money on cleaning tools by making your own.

Rags/ClothsHow to Make Your Own Cleaning Tools

A simple cloth can be a go to tool for almost any home cleaning job from dusting to carpet spot cleaning. There are so many tools on the market today for cleaning trying to win us over by making us think life will be simpler having a specific tool for each job. You can actually get most of your house clean with a freshly laundered rag or cloth. If it is a surface that needs wiping just use a rag. You probably have something around the home that is waiting for the give away pile that can actually be put to use for cleaning. Take old sheets, towels, shirts, even baby blankets and cut them up smaller to reuse for cleaning.

Swiffer System Made Over

Since its launch swiffer has and still is a popular way to quickly clean floors. The problem is buying all those sweeper and wet jet refills. You can easily eliminate the need to constantly buy new cleaning pads and solution and as an added bonus keep trash out of the landfill.

Pads- simply purchase micro fiber cleaning clothes in a large enough size to tuck into the little “grasps” that hold the disposable cloths in place and “voila” you have a reusable pad you can simply stick in the washing machine. (For more ideas on homemade swiffer pads head on over to Pinterest.)

Solution- hold on to the bottle that the wet jet solution comes in and simply refill with a homemade solution. Slap on a microfiber cloth and you are ready to mop!

Use Your Crafting Skills

Like to Crochet or Knit? There are many ways to use up those yarn scraps or even scraps of old plastic bags and shirts made into yarn to make scrubbies and cleaning cloths. You can even use nylon netting as yarn to knit scrubbies. Don’t believe us? Just put it into the google or Pinterest search and see all the fun new projects.

Make sure to take care of your cleaning tools by keeping them clean. A dirty tool just spreads more dirt.

Don’t forget about routine deep cleanings to keep your home in its best shape. All Kleen provides a number of deep cleaning services in home and office. Make an appointment online today.