Make a Large, Custom Area Rug From Smaller Ones

Decorating a room has its challenges and there are several tricks and tips and also decorating “rules” to follow to get your room looking great and be a place you want to hang out in. Something that can add lots of style and help ground different areas and furniture is the area rug.Make a Large, Custom Area Rug From Smaller Ones

Unfortunately a pre made rug may not always fit your space and unless you have a very large budget to have a rug custom made for your room, you may be feeling stuck. Or Maybe you just want that custom look, but need to stay in a budget that doesn’t allow for a custom rug. There is a great alternative to get the perfect area rug for your room without spending an arm and a leg and that is to make one yourself out of smaller off-the-shelf rugs.

The key to getting a custom look from store bought rugs is to combine them just right giving the appearance that they are one seamless large rug. This project is pretty easy but the success of pulling it off depends largely on the materials you choose. Not every smaller store bought rug will work. Solid colored rugs of course are easy to use, but seems may be a little more noticeable. Rugs with lots of texture such as shag make it easier to disguise seems. The best rug to use for this project is probably one with a large scale pattern because it will give the most visual impact and if you have a small space it will help give a bigger feel to the room.

There is something to take into consideration if you choose a large scale pattern and that is to make sure that the patterns easily match up and continue onto another rug when lined up together. If the pattern repeat is inconsistent this project will not work with that particular rug.

Once you have found your rugs of choice it is time to start constructing your custom area rug. You will need:

-several area rugs preferably the ones with a large pattern that repeats

-duct tape or carpet tape

-painter’s tape



-tape measure

Begin by measuring the area of your room to determine the dimensions you will want your rug to be. Keeping standard decorating rules in mind your area rug should be big enough that at least six inches sit under the furniture . Write your dimensions down on paper to remember them.

Make a mock up of the rug in the exact position you intent to lay it with a painter tape outline. Once you have your ape outline laid down stand back and take a look at the dimensions to ensure it works with your furniture lay out.

If you are working with a rug that has a large scale pattern la out al the rugs and match up the pattern repeat to creat one large pattern. You may need to rotate and move them around a little like playing with a giant puzzle until everything matches up correctly.

When the rug is all laid out in the or react order it is time to flip them over to tape them together you will want a second set of hands to help you out with this. Start by taping the rugs together horizontally to hold them in position and then tape along each seams. Make sure that everything is really secure before you flip it back over.

If there is a spot where the pattern doesn’t match up perfectly try to position that part in a spot that is less noticeable like under the couch.

Once the rug is laid in place walk the seams several times to push the fibers down and to create more of a seamless look. When the seems look good it is time to bring in the furniture and place around the rug. Ideally the furniture will sit on the rug if this is not possible at least six inches of every pice should be sitting on the rug.

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