Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Carpet Cleaning Service

There are many different forms of professional carpet cleaning available to home owners today, but the most popular and well known method of professional carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, Did you know that professional steam cleaning can mean more than one thing in the world of carpet cleaning?Make Sure You're Getting the Right Carpet Cleaning Service

True traditional steam cleaning is actually a method that refers to the use of actual steam to clean the carpets. In order to steam clean a carpet the cleaner heats the water to a very high temperature in order for the water to change into the gas we know as steam. While this method may kill germs as it cleans it is not effective at rinsing the carpet clean of solution.

Hot water extraction which is also very commonly referred to as steam cleaning is a method that uses water heated to just the right temperature to sanitize and clean deeply and effectively while still rinsing away cleaning solution. The water and a minimal amount of solution are applied to the carpet and quickly extracted again to leave nothing behind but the smallest amount of moisture possible and clean floors. The hot water in the hot water extraction method is at a lower temperature than steam and therefore safer for your carpet. This method also requires less drying time than other methods like shampooing.

Hot water extraction is the best method to use when wanting to prolong the life of your carpet and get the best clean possible. Nearly every carpet manufacturer and the Carpet and Rug Institute recommend hot water extraction cleaning.Some carpet manufacturers have written into the warranty that the owner must do their part in taking care of the floor with regular vacuuming and routine hot water extraction cleanings or they void the warranty. `

It is important to know what method of carpet cleaning you are getting when you hire a professional carpet cleaner. Some carpet cleaners use the word steam cleaning to refer to hot water extraction and some actually use the steam cleaning method. You don’t want to hire a cleaner expecting to get hot water extraction and end up with a harsh steam cleaning that leaves residue in your carpets.

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